Ivanka Trump's Most Inappropriate Outfits

Ivanka Trump has been by her father's side since his days hosting "The Apprentice" or opening a new multi-million dollar hotel. The unspoken favorite of his children, she rode his coattails, so to speak, all the way to the White House and made a name for herself while doing so.

In amongst her own business and professional aspirations, Ivanka has been a presence on the fashion scene. She modeled as a teen, appeared on the covers of magazines, and even went as far as starting her own fashion line — which, for a time, was a success. As she became more and more of a public figure, Ivanka's style began to shift and she went from a Manhattan elite shopper associated with Paris Hilton to a Republican party darling.

But, of course, being in the public eye has come with its fair share of scrutiny, and Ivanka has certainly not avoided criticism, especially regarding her clothes. Since her father took office in 2017, some of her outfits have been wildly out of touch while others have been inappropriate for the occasion. Moreover, some of Ivanka Trump's outfits were too expensive for the circumstance, like the time she met with underprivileged families wearing expensive designer gear. 

Here are the most inappropriate outfits worn by Ivanka Trump.

People were comparing this controversial outfit option to The Handmaid's Tale

Hulu's original drama series "The Handmaid's Tale" depicts a dystopian reality where women are fully controlled, belong to men as child bearers, and wear very distinguished clothing — handmaid red and Gilead green, for example. In 2020, the internet couldn't help but draw a comparison between Ivanka Trump's dress of choice and one of the dystopian drama's costumes. While joining her father in the Oval Office as he signed the Information Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Act into law, Ivanka was pictured in a dark green dress with a high neckline, long sleeves, and a tie at the neck. So, of course, critics went wild. 

The slightly inappropriate option on Ivanka's part was used as a side-by-side comparison with the "Gilead green" costumes from "The Handmaid's Tale," with some social media users saying that the dress of choice was an "homage" to the show. Whether Ivanka was aware of the comparison or not is a separate question, but the damage online was done. 

"Her designer did this on purpose," an Instagram user wrote in a comment on a post from the popular fashion-focused Diet Prada account. "Shout out to the stylists who keep getting away with this subversive brilliance," wrote another.

Maybe stilettos and long pants were not the most appropriate choices for this walk

Ivanka Trump is a big fan of stiletto heels. So much so that she has opted for the footwear on several occasions where flats would have been far more appropriate. Ivanka was spotted walking toward Marine One with her family in an outfit that was not suited for the occasion. What was she wearing? A pair of $1,500 wide-leg pants from Oscar de la Renta and towering heels. What made matters worse is that as she walked across the White House lawn, Ivanka's long-legged pants dragged in the grass and her shoes most likely sank into the ground as she did so. 

Ivanka Trump looked very put together, but it should also be noted that she was on her way to Camp David, the president's rugged outdoor escape haven located literally in the mountains. It seems like maybe sneakers and a trusty pair of jeans might have served the first daughter better in this situation — yes, the look wouldn't have been nearly as glamorous, but when was the last time you headed to the mountains in four-inch heels?

This outfit choice had some people calling Ivanka Trump a hypocrite

One of Donald Trump's many slogans he championed while in office was "Buy American and hire American." A good sentiment, in theory, but when he addressed Congress for the first time in his presidency, his daughter's clothes did most of the talking.

"Currently when we ship products out of America, many other countries make us pay very high tariffs and taxes," Donald Trump said (via Grazia). "But when foreign companies ship their products into America we charge them nothing or almost nothing."

Ivanka Trump certainly did not get the memo about buying American products made in America, because, in a complete contradiction to her father's messaging, Ivanka Trump wore a fuchsia pink fitted dress from Roland Mouret, a French designer. A Roland Mouret spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that the dress in question set the first daughter back $1,868 and was not only designed by a Frenchman but was produced in the United Kingdom. 

Some critics said this outfit did not meet the occasion

We don't want to dare think about how nervous we would be attending a state banquet with the British monarchy, let alone what we would wear to such an occasion. But that was not the case for Ivanka Trump, who went to a state dinner with Queen Elizabeth II in the U.K. in a pastel blue dress with floral detailing from designer Carolina Herrera. 

The price tag of the dress was certainly fit for the grandness of the dinner ($11,600 to be exact), but the tone of the dress was wrong for such an occasion, making it one of the most inappropriate outfits worn by presidential family members

Critics were quick to point out that the tie details on the dress and the bodice indicative of a button-down shirt were far too casual for an event with the queen. "Ivanka Trump's look was perfect ... for an Upper East Side corporate garden party," said etiquette expert William Hanson (the Daily Mail). Hanson also pointed out Ivanka's choice not to wear gloves, a staple dress protocol practiced by most royal women. This look, albeit beautiful, was not the right dress for the occasion.

This outfit and subsequent social media move had some people calling Ivanka Trump tone-deaf

Pictures — and social media posts — speak louder than words, and this outfit and subsequent tweet by Ivanka Trump was so inappropriate that it was a little cringe-worthy. 

It was 2017 and President Donald Trump had just signed an executive order banning refugees from the majority of Muslim countries from entering the United States. The decision led to widespread detentions in major U.S. airports, a massive wave of protests, and overall political unrest. But the tone of the country did not stop Ivanka Trump from going about her business, and she took to social media the following day and posted a photo of herself and her husband in evening wear. The dress she donned for such an occasion was a silver Carolina Herrera gown with a halter neckline and full silhouette, and despite the dapper nature of the couple, they were quick to come under fire.

"Today? This is your tweet today?" one user commented on X platform, formerly Twitter. "Hi @MerriamWebster are you accepting new entries for the definition of 'tone-deaf,'" tweeted another. The criticism clearly didn't bother Ivanka Trump because the original post still stands.

While meeting with working parents, Ivanka Trump wore an outfit that was out of touch

The bulk of Ivanka Trump's most inappropriate outfits can be chalked up to being out of touch with the situation at hand, and that was certainly the case when she attended an event at the White House in 2018. While celebrating her father's government tax cuts, Ivanka celebrated American working parents and even posted on her social media about the occasion.

But what was she wearing and why did it cause a stir? She opted for a $2,110 dress from designer Emilia Wickstead and coordinated the look with a Chanel handbag and black stiletto heels. Ivanka looked beautiful, there's no doubt about it, but the dress was so out of touch for the cause she was trying to champion. 

American working families and lower-class households make an average of $25,624 a year, according to 2016 data, as reported by CNBC. The average rent in the United States is $1,468. So while Ivanka looked classy and put together for the occasion, she maybe should've picked an outfit that didn't cost more than what most people pay to keep a roof over their heads every month.

Ivanka Trump's bracelet made headlines for all the wrong reasons

The devil is in the details, as they say, and this outfit accessory that Ivanka Trump wore came with some serious backlash. Ivanka wore a $10,800 gold bracelet from her own jewelry collection while appearing with the Trump family on a 2016 episode of "60 Minutes." 

But what's the big deal about a bracelet? Well, not a lot until Ivanka's brand sent out press releases to journalists informing them that her bracelet was immediately available for purchase. This is a big deal for several reasons as The New York Times' Eric Lipton pointed out on X platform. 

"White House as QVC. It has started," Lipton tweeted, and as such got a chorus of people commenting about the less-than-subtle marketing move. "Nothing says 'I'm not an elitist; I represent the average American' like a $10k+ 'favorite' bracelet," another person tweeted.

This dress should've been tested before Ivanka Trump stepped out on a windy day

After Marilyn Monroe proved to the world that dresses have the capability of acting up in the wind, we believe that outfits should be wind-tested. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but Ivanka Trump probably should have stood in front of a fan to test the wind-resistant strength of the dress she chose while on a trip in South America. 

Ivanka was on an international trip to promote women's economic empowerment, but her intentions were outshone by the sleeves of her dress. While standing for photos with Colombian Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez and Colombian Minister of National Defense Guillermo Botero, a gust of wind blew and Ivanka's sleeves got carried along for the ride, blowing up into her face and almost hitting the shoulders of the dignitaries standing next to her. For sure, this was one of the most awkward Ivanka Trump moments captured by millions.

Ivanka Trump's decision to wear this mini-skirt was not celebrated

The outfits worn by women in politics are subject to far more scrutiny than their male counterparts, and unfairly so. But the political stage is also a place of seniority, professionalism, and leadership, and unfortunately, Ivanka Trump's bubblegum pink outfit did not meet the moment. 

Ivanka wore a pink jacket and miniskirt from designer Miu Miu — that set her back a cool $1,960 — while taking the podium at the World Assembly for Women in Tokyo, Japan. The event was just as much of a big deal as it sounds. Ivanka was introduced to the audience by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and went on to speak at the conference about her initiative for women's economic empowerment and the harassment that women face in the workplace. However, given the inappropriate length of the skirt that she chose for such an occasion, the seriousness of Ivanka's words was the second thing people were focusing on. 

"Ivanka, what on earth are you wearing?!" one user tweeted. "How can you wear a pink skirt so SHORT? You're a conservative woman in a conservative country!!!" Looks like this look wasn't one of Ivanka's best.

She wore a dress that resembled a robe

In 2019, while her father was still in office, Ivanka Trump went on state business to Kansas City with Alex Azar, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, and one of their stops was the Guadalupe Center, a childcare facility on the Penn Valley campus. Trump sported a white dress with a V neckline and a belt that cinched at the waist, giving many onlookers the impression that she was wearing a robe while on an important visit. The former advisor to the president posted a photo of herself in the dress on X platform, and several users questioned her sartorial choice. "Is she having a sleepover with these kids? Can't think of another reason she would be in her bathrobe," one person commented, as reported by Express. "Ivanka, are you wearing a terry cloth bathrobe? Does it have a Trump logo on the front?" another user asked. Trump did not respond publicly to the questions surrounding her wardrobe.

This was not the first time Trump had worn this style of clothing. Back in 2018, she stepped out in Washington, D.C., in a jacket with a similar neckline and shape, but because of the pattern of the jacket, it didn't draw comparisons to a bathrobe. However, some did comment that the jacket wasn't as fitted as Trump's typical pieces of clothing.

Ivanka Trump's dress reminded people of the coronavirus pattern

Ivanka Trump has been criticized for being tone-deaf several times, with one coming in February 2020. Trump traveled with her husband, father, and his wife to India just before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. While at the Taj Mahal, Trump wore a powder blue Proenza Schouler dress with a red floral print. The dress garnered heavy criticism online after one user pointed out the resemblance between the flowers on Trump's dress and the look of a coronavirus cell under a microscope. 

"Shoot her dress bears a striking resemblance to the COVID," one user tweeted. Many others found Trump's choice inappropriate given the then-developing worldwide health crisis. Like with many of Trump's outfits, others were also offended by the price of the dress, its original tag reading a reported $1,690.

Not everyone shared the same attitude over Trump's dress, though. Another swath of people praised the famous first daughter for making a sustainable fashion choice. Trump had worn the same dress just months prior while visiting Argentina, and supporters found her choice to wear the same dress again admirable.

She found inspiration from Rachel Green while in New York

In the fall of 2019, Ivanka Trump went to New York City to act on behalf of the United States at the United Nations General Assembly. The former presidential advisor gave a speech about religious freedom, but her outfit was all anyone could talk about. Trump wore a blue shirt and a white Prada skirt, but the blouse's material was thin enough for her nipples to be seen. The outfit set off a debate on X platform. "Ivanka Trump looked disgusting — nipples protruding — in her blue shirt before the UN. Very very disrespectful," one user tweeted. Several others shared the user's sentiment, criticizing the president's daughter for wearing the top at a place as formal as the UN headquarters.

Many commenters disagreed with the criticism, however. As one user tweeted, "For the first time in my life I am sympathizing with Ivanka Trump and having to deal with people seeing nipples prominently through our dress shirts." Others echoed this stance, claiming it's hypocritical for men to be allowed to wear shirts that show their nipples while women can't. Another group called the criticism sexist and stated that women shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies.

Ivanka Trump went without a headscarf in Saudi Arabia

Early on in Donald Trump's presidency, his daughter Ivanka Trump and wife Melania Trump accompanied him on a trip abroad, making a stop in Saudi Arabia. While there, both Ivanka and Melania dressed without headscarves, a garment that is customarily worn by women in Saudi Arabia. The choice was deemed hypocritical by many as two years prior, when Michelle Obama went without a headscarf during her and her husband's visit to Saudi Arabia, Donald criticized her on X platform. "Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted. We have enuf [sic] enemies," he said.

The hypocrisy aside, the choice for Ivanka and Melania to go sans headscarves was most likely acceptable in the eyes of the Saudi hosts. Although most female citizens of the country wear headscarves, women visiting from other countries are not forced to wear them. Most women who visit from Western countries do not wear headscarves while there, however, they are expected to dress conservatively, as Ivanka and Melania did.