The Real Difference Between Costco Memberships

Who doesn't like Costco? They really do have everything you've ever wanted. There are household supplies, clothes, groceries, electronics, and who could forget their yummy samplers (pre-COVID)? On top of it all, you can buy vouchers and gift cards for basically any occasion you need. If there is ever anything your heart desired, the store certainly has it, almost like Disneyland without all of the fun rides. And if you're single, there are tricks to make the store's bulk shopping work for you.

With that being said, in case you didn't know, you have to pay an annual membership fee to get through the doors. Well, what types of memberships do they have? They have two types: Gold Star and Gold Star Executive. The Gold star Executive is a lot more expensive than the regular Gold Star membership, with it being double the price, and there are considerable differences between the two. And the real question: Is the Gold Star Executive membership worth it? 

Costco's Gold Star membership

Let's start with the less expensive membership of the two. This one is only $60 a year and doesn't offer nearly as many perks (via Clark). This membership card offers you two cards — one for yourself and one for someone in your household (via Costco's website). With this card, you can shop online and in the warehouse. It also includes allowing you to use their pharmacy, gas station, optical center, hearing station, and business centers. You get the bare minimum of the perks with this membership. If you are worried, don't be, you can still eat at their food courts and try out their samplers. 

And if you aren't satisfied, they are willing to refund you your payment at any time. It's part of their 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed policy. Though on the bright side, if you do choose this card, you'll always get discounted prices for your groceries and electronics.

Costco's Gold Star Executive membership

The Gold Star Executive membership is the store's more expensive membership (via Costco's website). This one is $120 a year and offers you so many perks that you may not mind that it's double the price. They offer a two percent cash back reward system with up to $1,000 back a year on purchases from the warehouse, website, and travel packages (via The New York Times). You're getting your money back in a whole new way. They offer discounts on many perks like car insurance, Costco services, and free roadside assistance if you do get their insurance. This is all on top of the perks of the Gold Star membership.

Remember the perks of Costco services? Well, here is a big one that should make anyone want the Gold Star Executive membership — if you can afford it. The store now offers a gift card for a one-year membership for private jet service. The price? A steep $17,499 (via Yahoo! Life).

So, if you get the membership, you get perks, discounts, and cash back. It seems like the $120 a year will go a long way for you, and if you aren't satisfied, Costco still has their 100% satisfaction guaranteed on this membership card.