You've Been Cutting Avocados The Wrong Way This Whole Time

While slicing your avocado isn't exactly rocket science, there are a few tips that will make your cooking tasks easier. Enjoying tons of heart-healthy fats and nutrients that the fruit contains, you'll want to make the most of every soft morsel. If you've ever wondered how to better slice and prep your fruit, these tips can make a huge difference.

You're likely doing the first step correctly — simply cutting lengthwise to the pit. From here, Real Simple notes, keep your knife wedged against the core as you rotate the fruit rather than the knife. Now that it's cut in half, swing your knife towards the pit to make contact with enough power so that your utensil is firmly placed in the seed. The outlet suggests twisting the knife to seamlessly remove the pit with the knife wedged in place. You can also take it out with your fingers or a spoon the old-fashioned way if you feel more comfortable. From here, it's time to dice.

Take your knife and run it down lengthwise inside the avocado half, without piercing the skin. Make a few columns and then use the same technique widthwise — making a neat grid-like appearance. Then, scoop out the little pieces with a spoon into a bowl or onto your plate for a neat topping.

You can use this trick to slice avocados in different ways

If dicing isn't really your thing, you can cut your avocados within the skin to make other shapes, the HuffPost notes. To make the long slices that you see on the cooking channel, start with the lateral incision once again, but this time, the second cut makes the difference. Turn the avocado and make the same cut about a quarter of the distance away from the first. Make four of these incisions to make quartered sections; the outlet notes that the fruit should fall apart at this point if it's ripe. 

With the four sections, you can either cut in a similar way to the dicing trick by only slicing to the skin. You can also remove the skin, then slice — either works. For this part, you can simply peel the skin off the back sides, according to the HuffPost, or use a spoon. When you make these four sections and cut out your long, restaurant-style pieces, you'll be able to top toast, salads, and more with your fancy new skills!

The big difference-maker is only cutting to the skin and not through it once you've made your initial incisions. You'll have more control over the shape you want the avocado pieces to take, plus they're much easier to remove!