Does The Sister Squad Still Exist?

At one time, the Sister Squad was YouTube's hottest crew. Featuring content creators, James Charles, the Dolan Twins, and Emma Chamberlain, these besties were constantly showing up in each other's vlogs and putting out some amazing videos together. However, the Sister Squad seemingly had a falling out in early 2019, which, according to Seventeenhappened after Charles' feud with fellow beauty guru Tati Westbrook. 

For fans of these YouTubers, it felt like an end of an era and having to watch your BFFs disband without any explanation. That was of course, until July 2020 when the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson, released a YouTube video "addressing assumptions about [them]." In the video, they get into the rumor that they were the ones who ended the Sister Squad without actually getting into it at all saying, "it wouldn't be fair" for them to talk about it unless everyone was there. Kind of a tease, but it ultimately confirmed that a Sister Squad reunion wasn't going to happen anytime soon. However, not all hope was lost.

James Charles and Emma Chamberlain reunited on YouTube

While it may not be the entire Sister Squad back together again, James Charles and Emma Chamberlain reunited in September for YouTube videos on their respective channels. In Chamberlain's video titled Doing James Charles Makeup *We're Back?*, she addresses the distance by saying "we're friends again." According to Elite Daily, it was actually their mutual friend and fellow influencer, Larray, who brought these two former besties back together again. 

Larray also made another Sister Squad reunion happen when he released the music video to his diss track "Cancelled" back in October. Both Charles and the Dolan Twins make cameo appearances in the video. However, they don't actually appear on screen together. It did shock some fans, according to HITC, and one fan speculated on Twitter that they "might've been in the same room together at one point."

While it's probably safe to say that the Sister Squad doesn't exist right now, there is always hope for the future. Chamberlain and Charles reconnecting is a good sign. Until then, these YouTubers have plenty of side projects keeping them busy. The Dolan Twins have their own fragrance line, Wakeheart, and Chamberlain has a growing coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee. It looks like James has even found a new squad of best friends, releasing collab videos on YouTube with TikTokers Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Lil Huddy, and Larray.