Very Cavallari's Justin Anderson Stuns Fans With Revelation About His Son

Very Cavallari star Justin Anderson just got real and opened up about a personal story when he guested on the LGBTQ+ podcast, Scissoring Isn't A Thingthis week. The BFF to Kristin Cavallari and celebrity hairstylist talked about reconnecting with his biological son after placing him up for adoption years ago (via E! News). In the episode, Anderson dished about growing up in the Mormon church, so when he and his high school girlfriend found out they were expecting, "there was no talk of abortion." 

They found a "beautiful couple" and it was an "open adoption" (via People). When their son, Tyler, was born, they handed him over to the family, and Anderson, who was a freshman in college at the time, drove back to school by himself. He said it wasn't until 19 years later, when Tyler reached out to Anderson via an Instagram direct message, that these two had any connection. 

Justin reconnected with his biological son, Tyler

Anderson revealed that three years ago, he got a message on Instagram from Tyler, who he didn't know was his son at the time. He wrote back "Hey what's up?" and Tyler responded "Do you know who this is?" That's when Anderson knew. The two eventually met up with their respective families for dinner (via Too Fab). In the podcast episode, Anderson gushed about his biological son, saying, "He has the most beautiful, sweetest, kindest family. They raised him so well." 

After the episode was released, Anderson went to his Instagram story to reflect on the news coming out, saying "sometimes I get too comfortable and share too much on podcasts... this was one of those times." Though, instead of letting the news stress him out, Anderson said, "I'm gonna own it. It's part of my story." As far as his relationship with Tyler goes, Anderson isn't sure what the future holds, but said "we'll see where it ends up going." 

Anderson seems pretty happy right now. He has a best friend in Cavallari, who just posted a photo of the two together on Instagram with the caption "Been laughing at the noise since '05." Plus, Anderson just got engaged to his beau, Austin Rhodes, back in March (via E! News). Whatever happens, Anderson also confessed in his Instagram Story that he's "proud of this" and loves "everyone involved in this part of [his] life."