Why Blake Feels Cheated After Leaving The Bachelorette

Is there any way things could have worked out between Bachelorette Tayshia Adams and eliminated contestant Blake Moynes? Blake certainly thinks so but believes Clare Crawley got in the way.

As he explained to Us Weekly, Blake still had lingering feelings for Clare when Tayshia took over as Bachelorette. That made it take longer to connect with her, but he did end up falling for her. "The connection [I had with Tayshia] was very slow," he said. "But every time that we'd make a step, I think I opened her eyes more and more and more." 

Blake thinks that things would have worked out in his favor if Clare had never been in the picture. "If it was Tayshia from the beginning, I think my story would have been a little bit different," he said. "It was tough because I felt, like, even emotionally, I could feel it, like, she could see something there. And it was so frustrating to get in the limo and be like, 'There's something here but you're just not letting it happen.' And that was the most unfortunate."

Blake still thinks about the 'what-ifs'

Blake admitted that he's still not completely over Tayshia, saying he "was frustrated" after returning home. "The connection that we had came on, like, the last day I was there," he said. "So, it was so fresh. I felt like we made such a stride. And it was, like, shut down. But I still was hanging on to that day just because we blamed it on time. I wish she just said, 'You're not The One for me. There's other connections here. I don't see us being a thing.' Instead, it was like, 'We ran out of time, the connection came too late.' And so yeah, I got sent home. And I was like, thinking about the what-ifs, the potential."

He added that he still has mementos from his time with Tayshia, including a bucket list he made for her. "Now I put them and tuck them away because I just don't want to think about it anymore," he said. "But, yeah, you just naturally think about the what-ifs and you're always going to until you get closure."

As for the men who made it to Tayshia's top four, Blake isn't too optimistic. "I don't think any one of those guys really encompasses absolutely everything she's looking for in somebody," he told ET.