Over 40% Of People Agree That This Is The Most Embarrassing Fashion Faux Pas

Remember when the feather on top of Attila the Hun's helmet clashed with his boots? Esquire does. Or when Celine Dion wore a backward tuxedo on the red carpet? Glamour does. Or when Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, wore heels that "look[ed] too big"? The Daily Mail does. Luckily for them, The Zoe Reportwhich recently spotted Russian model Irina Shayk in all denim get-up, thinks that at least some fashion faux pas are making a comeback. So does Harper's Bazaar, which notes that fanny packs, tie-dye prints, and wearing white after Labor Day, are all, mysteriously back "in."

Here at The List, we decided to do some sartorial investigating of our own. Because if what's "out" can become "in" and what's "in" can be tossed "out," and so on, it's clearly imperative to stay on top of what's what, and what might be "what" in the future. If you catch our drift. To do so, we asked you to tell us what the most embarrassing fashion faux pas is (IYHO, of course). 21,000 of you, worldwide, answered our survey.

Survey says? Socks with sandals are so out

Without further ado, here's how it went down. Only 7 percent, or just under 1,500 of you considered visible bra straps to be the most embarrassing fashion faux pas. Although, if you're eager to avoid this one, Kate Middleton has got you covered. Sagging pants, on the other hand, drew in only 21 percent of you, or around 4,400 votes. That's probably good news for the town in Florida where a ban on sagging pants was recently lifted. Too much animal print, for its part, garnered an impressive 27 percent (just under 5,700) of all votes. Kylie Jenner, and her skin-tight snow leopard onesie, and by matching animal print puffy coat would probably disagree.  

Finally, sandals with socks brought in over 8,600 votes, totaling 41 percent of all survey answers. Which is too bad for David Beckham, who was "mocked by fans" in September 2020 for his decision to wear white socks with black sandals to his wife's fashion show (via The Mirror). Then again, The Sun insisted at the time that the soccer star made that particular fashion faux pas look "cool again." So maybe he's right, and all of you are wrong? Just saying.