Here's What You Should Know About Below Deck's Shane Coopersmith

Deckhand Shane Coopersmith hasn't been having the smoothest transition to yacht life on Below Deck. Although he admitted to being green right at the outset, his ineptitude is trying the patience of both Captain Lee and bosun Eddie Lucas. From appearing lost on deck, struggling to lift things, being unsure about what he should be doing at any one time, and even being caught taking naps on the job, Coopersmith isn't making the best first impression.

He seems intent on proving himself, however, and was even shown writing in his journal about how frustrated he is (via BravoTV). In a confessional, Coopersmith explained how he's used to overachieving and is insecure about messing up so frequently, admitting, "As a perfectionist, I'm just motivated to always accomplish the job and I don't ever want to fall short. But I don't know how to get there. It's tough." There's clearly more to the deckhand than fumbling at work, so let's take a closer look at Coopersmith.

Shane Coopersmith has a superhero alter ego

The Below Deck star's official Bravo bio notes he's a San Diego native who could swim before he could walk. He cut his teeth at the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey prior to joining the hit show. Coopersmith has a degree in environmental sustainability from University of California, Berkeley and is a dedicated environmentalist, passionate about spreading the message that the earth is ours to protect and respect. His Instagram page, entitled "Sustainable Shane," is filled with messages encouraging fans not to leave waste behind at the beach, quite literally stopping to smell the roses (or, rather, sunflowers), and fishing for his own supper. Clearly, Coopersmith is utilizing his new celebrity status to share his message of sustainability with as large an audience as possible.

Anybody drooling over the cute Californian with a heart of gold should cool their jets, though. Coopersmith's Instagram is also loaded with pics of his gorgeous girlfriend, Aubrey Thomas. An intuitive mindset coach, Thomas has a similarly sunny outlook on life and fills her own page with optimistic slogans aimed at assisting women in crisis. Coopersmith noted in a post that Thomas is "everything a boyfriend could ask for and then some," listing how the two enjoy "snorkeling in Jamaica, "gardening in the backyard," and simply "watching TV in bed." Sustainable Shane may be an eco superhero, but he can't do anything without his partner in crime.