The Truth About Below Deck's Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas was featured on the first three seasons of Below Deck before sailing off into the horizon, only to make his triumphant return as a bosun on season 8. As People reported at the time, Lucas was thrilled to be back in the fold, remarking in a promotional trailer, "It's been years since I've been in the Caribbean, and I've missed the hell out of it. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water." Lucas described coming back to Below Deck as, "like putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans. It's like going home again."


Lucas was a deckhand during his first season on the hit reality show before graduating to bosun in season 2. Although he was a fan favorite, Lucas struggled with issues back home during the charter. He also hooked up with Raquel "Rocky" Dakota, which complicated matters further. Although Lucas's tenure ended on a somewhat negative note, he spent his time away from Below Deck well and came back stronger than ever.

Eddie Lucas stayed busy when he wasn't on the show

Bravo's Daily Dish asked Captain Lee Rosbach and then-chief stew, Kate Chastain, who has since said goodbye to Below Deck herself, if they were still in touch with Lucas during his time away. Captain Lee revealed Lucas was working in the tugboat industry, with his LinkedIn page confirming that he was working for Moran Towing Corporation. According to their website, the Baltimore-based company specializes in towing, marine transportation, and docking, among many other maritime services.


As per several posts on Instagram, Lucas also explored Vietnam and enjoyed a snowboarding trip with friends in Vermont. He confirmed he was working on tugboats judging by a post from May 2019. His profile on Bravo advised that, since season 3, Lucas has earned his 1600-ton license and has learned "the importance of diligence and delegation in the commercial industry" while working as First Mate onboard a four-man tugboat crew.

The Below Deck star is currently single

Below Deck fans weren't too impressed with Lucas cheating on his girlfriend with Dakota, particularly as the duo tried to hide their relationship from the rest of the crew, which ultimately prompted Bravo to install cameras in the laundry room (LOL). Shockingly, Lucas's relationship with his then-girlfriend didn't end immediately after the show aired. As Bravo's Daily Dish reported, Lucas admitted during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live that they actually stayed together for a little while before their relationship inevitably imploded.


"No, we worked on it for a while," he revealed to host Andy Cohen. However, as Lucas acknowledged, "It ended worse than ever." There's no telling whether Lucas learned his lesson about boatmances through his interactions with Dakota because only time will tell, but judging by his Instagram, the bosun and Below Deck star is single. At least, for now.