The Real Meaning Of Unexpected's Mckayla Adkins' Tattoos

Mckayla Adkins of TLC series Unexpected has finally shared what her many different tattoos mean, and her answers are way more powerful than you may think. Speaking in one of her many vlogs in 2018, the teen admitted that she got her first tattoo at just 13 years old (via YouTube). Located on her right shoulder blade, It reads: "We only part to meet [again] 1980-2005," in tribute to her Dad who passed away when she was young. 

"I really loved the meaning of these words and I just thought it was beautiful," Adkins shared. "My parents agreed to letting me get this tattoo because even though I was young, it would always mean something to me." Her second tattoo, which she got when she was 16 years old, is also connected to her family. Located on her left forearm, it reads "Sunshine" and is decorated with a sunflower. "This tattoo I got because my grandparents always sung that song to me when I was younger," she explained. 

Mckayla Adkins favorite tattoos relate to her family

Mckayla Adkins' third tattoo, which she got when she was 17 years old, is her favorite. It reads "Timothy" and is accompanied by his birth flowers. "This one is by far is my favorite," she told fans (via YouTube). "I love the shading and the detailing and the flowers put into it" — she's also got a tattoo his footprints from his birth certificate (which is too cute). However, since making her first tattoo explanation video, she's had daughter Gracelynn Ann, and we're willing to bet her other favorite one might be the tattoo of her daughters name in her grandmother's handwriting, plus a footprint from her birth certificate and birth flower, too (via YouTube).

But her tattoos don't stop there. In just two years, Mckayla Adkins now has almost an entire sleeve on both her right and left arms. From her favorite bible verse and another tribute to her dad to tattoos of the sun and moon (via TV Shows Ace), it seems the reality TV star thinks through every little things she gets put on her body to ensure it's something she'll want to have forever.