Expert Makes Bold Claims About How Compatible Tayshia Adams And Zac Clark Really Are

Season after season, we watch The Bachelorette hoping that two people will find everlasting love on a reality dating competition series. The truth is, though, that happily-ever-after stories (like that of Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter) are extremely rare, as Insider reports; most of these rose-ceremony relationships end up in a dumpster fire of broken promises. But this season's Tayshia Adams may have us wondering: Will she be the next Trista? Or, will her relationship with Zac Clark end up in flames, too?


The List reached out to life and relationship expert Nicole Moore to get her predictions on how future-proof this couple is. While we hoped for a clear yes or no answer, Moore said it's more complicated than that. "Clearly, there's a physical and emotional connection there and both parties crave deep intimacy and connection," she said. However, there are also some red flags. Moore broke down the signs that Tayshia and Zac are good for each other — as well as some warning signs.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark share a deep emotional connection

One common relationship pitfall is when one partner is seeking a deep connection, while the other wants to keep things light. According to Moore, this is one area where both the bachelorette and her bachelor are well paired — which is clear from how Tayshia handled Zac's past. "It takes a very understanding, non-judgmental, and compassionate person to be compatible with someone who has a history of drug and alcohol use, and so far, Tayshia has shown that she has those qualities," Moore said. "In fact, when Zac opened up to Tayshia about his sketchy past, she responded to that by giving him a rose, proving that she's not afraid of emotional depth."


In fact, a past addiction would be a dealbreaker for many people — but Tayshia was able to look past it and instead admire how much he had overcome, Moore added. "A lot of women might run when they hear that the person they're dating is an addict, but Tayshia chose to focus on Zac's strength of overcoming his addiction, rather than judging him for his past," she said. "Tayshia's ability to be compassionate, and her ability to focus on the positive, make her a compatible partner for Zac," Moore added, "and his willingness to reveal all of himself to her is exactly what Tayshia has been looking for."

Zac is open with his feelings -- which is what Tayshia wants

Some women are attracted to an emotionally aloof man, but for Adams, the "tough guy" act is a huge turn-off — and as Moore points out, Zac always keeps it real. "Tayshia made it clear from day one that she was looking for a man, not a boy, and that she wanted a man who could get deep and vulnerable," she explained. "Zac is just that. He's never shied away from telling her how he feels, and she's never had to guess how he feels."


In fact, Moore's hunch is that the reason why Zac

 lasted on the show for so long was because he doesn't hide how he feels, the way the other contestants had. "Tayshia's complaint about some of the men she sent home, (i.e. Ben) was that they were not forthcoming with how they felt about her," she said. "She's admitted that she needs some reassurance, and she needs her man to verbally express how he feels about her." This transparency is one of the key ways the two are compatible, Moore added. "In this sense, Zac is a good match for her, because he's not afraid to use his words to say how he feels, even when he's uncomfortable or afraid."

Tayshia eventually may become overwhelmed by Zac's emotions

As refreshing as Tayshia finds Clark's openness, dealing with a brooding, intense partner eventually may become exhausting. "Tayshia craves deep emotion and intimacy, but she is also, self-admittedly, someone who takes a longer time to emotionally process things," Moore explained. "Zac, on the other hand, is way more forthcoming with his emotions and he has a lot of them all at once."


Having a relationship with someone who is constantly feeling all the feelings is... a lot. "Zac can be likened to a steady waterfall of emotions, whereas Tayshia feels deeply, but she sometimes needs to retreat and process in order to figure out her feelings, and then bring them out again," Moore observed. "This might create an energy imbalance in their relationship over time, where Tayshia becomes overwhelmed by Zac's feelings if she doesn't have enough space to process on her own." It's more likely that Clark's emotions will slowly chip away at Adams, rather than suddenly overtake her, though, especially because she's deliberately seeking out a man who is emotional. "Tayshia might feel great about Zac pouring all of himself into her in the beginning because she felt not chosen in her previous marriage," Moore explained, "but if he continues his steady downpour without stopping to notice if she's in a space to receive his feelings, she might end up feeling over-crowded with his emotions and her own."


If their relationship becomes too dramatic, it's over for Tayshia

While Tayshia and Zac are equally comfortable in the emotional deep end, one red flag may be that this bachelor is attributing all of his happiness to their love — which means that if things don't go smoothly between the two, he will go into a dark mood and maybe even blame Adams. "During the hometown visit, Zac and his family admitted that he was way more serious and less happy before he met Tayshia," she recalled. "While this might feel flattering to Tayshia at first, it's also a big red flag. People who enter into a relationship unhappy, or not feeling whole, tend to eventually put way too much pressure on their partner to be their source of happiness."


And if Zac lays it on thick with the drama, that may be the death knell for this couple. "Tayshia is a free spirit and someone who clearly does not enjoy drama (as evidenced by how much she hated the Bennet and Noah drama)," Moore pointed out. "If Zac C puts too much emotional pressure on her to make him feel good or makes his entire life about her, without having happiness on his own, Tayshia may feel this is too much emotional drama for her and need to move on."

Tayshia and Zac have intense physical chemistry

Being able to kiss and make up after this drama might be enough to keep the two together, though... because their sexual chemistry is off the charts! "It's clear that Tayshia and Zac C are incredibly physically attracted to each other," Moore said. "Every time they kiss, it's passionate and intense, and one of them almost always pulls the other person in for another kiss before they part ways." Moore considers physical compatibility extremely important. "While physical connection isn't all that's needed to make a relationship work, it's essential. These two don't need to worry about this factor of compatibility, because they've already got it in spades," she said.


We've all seen in the past how Bachelorette relationships that have sexual chemistry can falter if there's not loyalty, and this also isn't something that the two have to worry about, according to Moore. "Tayshia has made it clear that she will not tolerate cheating and that she's looking for someone who is 100 percent there for her," she said. "Zac C is a compatible partner for Tayshia in this sense, because he's very loyal and has demonstrated that he cares deeply about how Tayshia is feeling and making sure that she is okay."

Not seeing eye-to-eye on children is a huge red flag for this Bachelorette couple

When you choose to spend the rest of your life with someone, you need to be on the same page when it comes to whether that life will include children. And here's one area where the two may not be aligned, Moore noted. "It might feel super flattering for Tayshia to feel like she was the one that magically inspired Zac C to want to get married again and have kids, the reality is that Zac basically admitted he wasn't looking for something serious before he came on the show," she pointed out.


And this may be a huge red flag, according to Moore. "Tayshia started her journey on the show super sure she wanted marriage and kids, so her viewpoint on this is unlikely to change," she explained. "However, Zac needs to make the decision for kids and marriage independent of it being with Tayshia." This will require some real soul-searching: Does Zac want to be come a father? "If he wants it no matter what, that's the only way to know his decision is secure and not based on the honeymoon period of new love with Tayshia," Moore added. "The risk is that after the honeymoon period, Zac might not feel the same way about marriage and kids."