Listen To Your Heart: The Truth About Trevor's Ex

We're only two episodes into The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart and we're already knee deep in drama. The first episode of the show saw a budding romance between Jamie Weintraub and Trevor Holmes, although a lot of people couldn't get over Trevor's similarity to former Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt.

Now the similarity is even more striking, because a newcomer to the show in the second episode showed up to reveal some disturbing things from Trevor's past. If you remember Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, then you recall how she and Jed got engaged only for Hannah to end the relationship after finding out that Jed had been in a relationship just days before he began filming the show, and that he had been dishonest with her since day one.

Who is Listen to Your Heart's Trevor's ex?

Trevor's past is also filled with drama. Listen to Your Heart's newest cast member, Natascha Bessez, showed up and revealed that Trevor cheated on his last girlfriend, Sierra Nielsen. It turns out that Natascha and Sierra are good friends, so Natascha didn't waste any time telling the other Listen to Your Heart bachelorettes about Trevor's past. This didn't sit well with Jamie, who said on the show that she's been cheated on by all of her past boyfriends.

Jamie and Trevor worked things out after he confessed to "emotionally cheating" on Sierra (via Hollywood Life). While Jamie may be able to work past her distrust to pursue a relationship with Trevor, it looks like Sierra is still bitter about how things went down.

According to Us Weekly, Sierra is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and wellness entrepreneur. She previously worked in the entertainment industry and, according to IMDb, co-produced the films Kill Your Darlings and Parts Per Billion.

Why did Listen to Your Heart's Trevor break up with his ex?

Sierra and Trevor dated for nearly three years before their catastrophic breakup, which Sierra opened up about in an Instagram post. "Walking away from anything that's unhealthy or causing you pain is one of the most difficult acts of self love," she wrote in September 2018. "But one of the most powerful... Leaving was one of the hardest things I've done. But I had to leave out of LOVE FOR MYSELF. My heart was not being protected. It was not receiving the respect, loyalty, honesty and love it SO deserves."

While Sierra didn't outright accuse Trevor of cheating, she did mention "his betrayals" as well as "infidelity and deceit" so it's safe to assume that the relationship did not end on good terms.

After Natascha revealed everything on Listen to Your Heart, Sierra took to Twitter to thank her friend. "We need more strong women like you who aren't afraid to stand up and support and protect other women," she wrote.