This Viral SNL Skit Nailed How Moms Really Feel On Christmas

Any mom who read today's story about Lizzo's early Christmas gift to her mom — a snazzy new Audi SUV — surely came away smiling, but just the teensiest bit envious as well. Let's be real: When you're a mother, your pile of gifts under the tree is more likely to include an appliance and a macaroni picture frame than a late-model car... and sometimes that "pile" consists of just one or two boxes. This weekend, SNL hit both our collective funny bones and raw nerves with their newest holiday song, "Christmas Morning" (via YouTube).

The hilarious skit features guest host Kristen Wiig, who launched herself to fame as a cast member on SNL from 2005-12 and created such memorable characters as the Target Lady, Kat, and Dooneese (via Screen Rant). Her role here, though, is anything but zany; she's an average mom whose holiday blues are totally relatable. 

Moms everywhere can relate to SNL's holiday skit

"Christmas Morning" shows a family of four excitedly rapping as they open their holiday gifts. The dad, daughter, and son are treated to a Nerf gun, drum set, cell phone, autographed baseball bat, drone, hoverboard, laptop and more, while the mother receives a robe... period. Even the family's puppy gets a bigger haul. Mom does her best to stay upbeat as her family rakes in the loot, but finds it increasingly harder to hide her resentment ("I burned my arm in the oven. It hurt pretty bad, but I didn't even scream, because I keep the pain inside of me!"). 

The video has racked up more than 3 million views so far, with moms and kids alike applauding its truth. "This is spot on, and exactly why I now buy myself Christmas presents, without feeling guilty about it," said one mom. An embarrassed daughter commented, "I was literally looking at bathrobes from Neiman Marcus for my mom yesterday, now I feel so ashamed, lol!" A witty viewer quipped, "The number of people searching 'Presents for mom other than a robe' just spiked on Google after this was released." 

Maybe more spouses and kids will take the video's closing message to heart this year: "Your mom does everything for your family. This year, give her more than one present. Moms like stuff too." And now that Wiig is a mom herself to twins born earlier this year (via Us Weekly), here's hoping she sees something other than a bathrobe under her own tree.