The Sad Reason Ant Anstead Won't Be With His Kids On Christmas

As you may have heard, the United Kingdom has entered a strict lockdown after a new strain of COVID-19 was detected (via NPR). Many countries are restricting travel to and from the affected part of Europe, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying, "Given the early evidence we have on this new variant of the virus — the potential risk it poses — it is with a very heavy heart I must tell you we cannot continue with Christmas as planned."

Tons of people are impacted by these heartbreaking new restrictions. One in particular is Ant Anstead, whose two children Amelie, 17, and Archie, 14, live in the U.K. Of course, the TV host also shares a toddler son, Hudson, with his estranged wife Christina Anstead. But according to People, Anstead was planning on spending the upcoming Christmas holiday with his older kids.

As a source told the outlet, "He is devastated to learn that he cannot travel back to the U.K. He doesn't know what his Christmas plans will be here in the states just yet."

Ant Anstead is still looking at the bright side

On Instagram, Anstead noted the new lockdown restrictions and their impact on his holiday plans with his kids are "brutal." He added a broken heart emoji to his comment. As far as the teens joining their famous dad here in the United States for Christmas, Anstead told People, "Unfortunately, Amelie and Archie don't have any residential status, so they're not actually allowed to enter the U.S."

Until he can reunite with his older children, it seems Anstead is trying to keep his chin up, posting a photo of himself relaxing in a hot tub to Instagram just two days ago. "There is something about an Arizona night. It suddenly gets very cold and the sky is crystal clear you can see every star! Add a hot tub, some wine, and a load of fun real friends to end a great day.... X" he shared as a caption. He also shared a pic of a rainbow with the caption, Despite the chaos....Stay on the path (it's magical)."

Here's hoping Anstead can still find a way to enjoy his Christmas. And, that all of the people affected by the U.K. lockdown also enjoy a little magic this holiday season despite the difficult circumstances.