The Truth About This TikTok Eyebrow Hack That Went Viral

We're all about a TikTok hack that makes life a little easier — who isn't? But there's a difference between a practical tip and a silly video made for views. An eyebrow trick posted by Julie Kay falls somewhere in the middle, and the majority of commenters didn't hold back their strong feelings about it, making it quite the virally controversial clip.

In the TikTok, Kay dips a fluffy eyeshadow brush into what is presumably eyebrow powder or a dark eyeshadow and messily dusts it all over her brow, going outside the lines of her arch. She then goes in with a makeup wipe to clean her skin of the dark pigment and shape her brow. Viewers weren't impressed, considering there are plenty of other cleaner, more practical, and less wasteful ways to achieve a crisp line. Not only does Kay's technique use an unnecessary amount of powder (which could cause her to run out quicker), it also uses a single-use makeup wipe — a product that some say is on the way out due to its negative impacts on the environment (via InStyle).

TikTok totally roasted this eyebrow hack

The video, posted in February, garnered 2.4 million views, over 34,000 likes, and 400-plus comments — many of them not very positive ones. "Please tell me this is a cruel joke," one person wrote. "No just no lovely this is wrong," another added. "Why would you..." another wrote. Julie replied: "To go viral."

Not only is the technique not the most efficient, in the video, it appears as though Kay already has the rest of her makeup on — including foundation, which would be ruined by the cloud of brown powder. So, after she wipes away the excess, she has to at least touch-up her foundation, which seems counterproductive.

Still, some viewers came to her defense. "Everyone is saying this is wrong but guys it worked so," one person commented. "I do that lol it's faster and more precise," another added. "Idk why everybody is saying no." 

You know what they say, to each their own.