You May Be Using The Wrong Skin Cleanser During The Winter

Even for those living in a warmer climate, the changing of the seasons can truly wreak havoc on the skin. As the dry air and harsh winds of winter move in, the skin's natural oils are depleted from the epidermis. Because of this your skin can become itchy, tight, and flaky (per William J. Binder, M.D.).

To make matters worse, the wrong facial cleanser will only exacerbate dry, itchy skin — especially for those living in colder climates. Using the same cleanser all year long may only further strip the skin of its essential oils, so it's important to switch things up with the changing of the seasons. Cleansers that contain anti-aging ingredients, like AHAs and retinoids, also have the tendency to dry out the skin (via Real Simple).

In order to ensure that your skin remains just as luminous in the winter months, be sure to swap out your normal cleanser for one that is packed with hydrating ingredients.

Reach for a moisturizing cleanser when the cold weather hits

As temperatures begin to dip, reach for a cleanser that works to replace the moisture lost in your skin during the colder months. Cleansers that are oil-based, gel-based, cream-based, and foaming contain ingredients that can work wonders on dry skin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin can still find a moisturizing cleanser that works for them. Cleansers with lactic acid help promote the natural exfoliation process and ultimately improves the cell turnover, increasing the hydration in skin and helping to clear up trouble spots, according to Maed.

While foaming and gel cleansers are great for those with oily skin, cream and oil-based cleansers work even harder to add moisture to dry and sensitive skin exposed to colder, harsh climates (via Maed).

After cleaning your skin, be sure to slather on a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that works to pull water into the outer layer of the skin. And, during the winter, it's also essential to moisturize the rest of your body. When on the hunt for a fully-body moisturizer, opt for one that contains ceramides, which can help seal the cracks between the outer skin cells (per Real Simple).

Although the right cleanser can't save you from the winter blues, it can give your skin the boost that it needs to survive the harshest conditions of the season.