Amber Johnston Reveals The Secret To Her Fitness Journey

Amber Johnston's life is incredibly hectic. Aside from running a household with five demanding children, being a committed wife to fellow reality star, Trent Johnston, starring on their hit TLC show, 7 Little Johnstonsand juggling a regular career, it's unlikely that Johnston has much free time. In a lengthy Instagram post, the reality TV star noted that an injury had knocked her schedule out of whack, causing her to gain unwanted weight. "Weight hasn't really been a struggle for me until four years ago," she wrote in the caption. "I had a back injury that limited me and caused me to take steroids on and off for two years, and weight began to pack on." 

After getting the requisite spinal surgery, however, things got more difficult for Johnston. "Mentally I was still in a state that I needed to nurse my back," she continued. "Weight continued to find its way to stick to my butt, hips and honestly, everywhere." 

Johnston even began buying bigger clothes. She was tipping the scales and struggling during family hikes, which spurred her on to make a change. "Two months in and 25 lbs gone. I still have 20 lbs to go, but I want to tell all of YOU, it is achievable," she added. So, how did she do it?

The 7 Little Johnstons star swears by the Optavia Diet

Johnston's 25-pound weight loss caught many of her fans' eyes. To that end, Johnston let everyone know exactly how she managed it in such a short amount of time by tagging her post "#optaviaworks." She was also quick to point out it definitely wasn't a sponsored post. 

Additionally, according to US News & World Reports, Optavia ranked 27th out of 35 diets, as per their panel of experts. However, it came in second for weight loss overall. The magazine further noted that the diet is nutritionally sound and doesn't involve counting carbs, points, or calories, which is what worked for Johnston.

The Optavia diet is strict in general, though, which might prove difficult for certain people to adhere to, as the food is bars and powdered "just-add-water" products. Clearly, Johnston was determined to make a change, and the Optavia Diet suited her lifestyle. They make their own range of products, similar to WW, which are also reasonably priced, comparatively speaking. Regular exercise is also required, with the main aim of the diet being to make users more confident and comfortable while making healthier choices overall.