The Truth About The 1000-Lb Sisters' Relationship

TLC's 1000-lb Sisters is back for another season, bringing sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton to the forefront once again. The first season focused on the Slatons, who weighed 406 and 605 pounds respectively, as they struggled to lose weight and regain control of their lives amidst mounting health concerns. Their emotional journey proved compelling viewing in a similar manner to long-running series My 600-lb Life. The sisters originally found fame on YouTube, where Amy documented their lives on her channel. 


Their natural chemistry was what initially drew fans' attention and, naturally, it was one of the biggest pulls of the show too. The second season will cover the changes in their dynamic after Amy got the bariatric surgery she'd long hoped for, while Tammy continues to work towards her goal and both sisters cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and Amy's pregnancy. Suffice to say, the Slatons' relationship will be tested. 

The Slaton sisters are incredibly close

In early 2020, Amy told 44 News, "It's easier to go through the journey with somebody rather than alone," in relation to the sisters' newfound fame. Tammy acknowledged that being on TV was very different to being on YouTube, noting, "They see more of how our life is and what is going to making better choices and everything, from where on YouTube they don't see as much of what goes on behind the scenes." 


Although shooting 1000-lb Sisters was stressful, the Slatons confirmed the show had strengthened their relationship overall. Tammy advised, "I think this has brought us closer together in a sense that we know what the other one is going through." She added, "we just know that the other one is going through the same thing." In an interview with PeopleTammy admitted, "In some ways we drifted apart from each other, because of the fighting, but we're still sisters and we love each other." 

The 1000-lb Sisters' relationship is tested in season 2

Season 2 looks to be a difficult one for the sisters, as Tammy fell back into her old habits in the wake of the pandemic while Amy's shock pregnancy has her sister worried for her health. The trailer showcases how the sisters are butting heads over, among other things, their continued path to getting healthy. Likewise, Tammy's new boyfriend causes issues with Amy who doesn't believe he's completely trustworthy. When asked whether he wants Tammy to get weight loss surgery, he replies in the affirmative, to which Amy counters, "But you like big girls." 


She later admits, "I don't trust him," explaining, "She needs somebody that's going to motivate her in this weight loss, not just want her to stay the way she is." Tammy is warned by the sisters' doctor that if she doesn't get serious, the chances of her dying in the next five years are high. Hopefully, the Slatons can motivate and support each other going forward.