The TV Kisses That Made Us Cry The Hardest

What TV kisses made us cry the hardest? Sometimes, right in the middle of a hilarious sit-com or an intense drama, there's a moment when two of your favorite characters share a kiss that's so incredible, you find yourself begging for a commercial break so you can gather your thoughts. Even in the world of streaming services, there are some TV smooches that require you to hit "pause" or "rewind." Whether it's a couple that's been denying their feelings for each other for three seasons or a pair who probably won't make it (but you wish they would), some TV kisses are almost too good to be true. And sometimes, they make you cry. Like, really cry. And while sobbing isn't always what you want from a TV show, it's sometimes what you get.

So, if you're in need of a good sob-fest, then check out these TV kisses that made us cry the hardest. Because really, everyone could use some silver-screen inspiration from a totally unattainable relationship moment. Heck, who isn't a sucker for a cheesy, romantic, on-screen kiss between the perfect couple? If that's you, then read on — and steady yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

When Rachel got off the plane in Friends, it was emotional

No matter how annoying you might have found Ross Geller, or how much better you thought Rachel Green could have done, Friends had set up their love story from the beginning of the entire series. So of course, in the series finale, you knew they would end up together. 

However, as the episode went on, and time was running out, you probably found yourself panicking that it might not happen. Until, that is, Ross returns from his failed attempt to get Rachel off the plane, only to listen to a voicemail from her, where it really sounded like she wanted to be with him. But, she was on a plane to Paris, so it would have to wait, right?

Nope. Instead, Rachel shows up at his door, and utters five of the most iconic words in television history: "I got off the plane," and the two rush to embrace. Their kiss is passionate, meaningful, and powerful enough to bring even the most avid Ross-hater to tears. Ross and Rachel belonged together, and that kiss proved it. After all, he was her lobster.

When Mindy and Danny finally got back together in The Mindy Project, it was so perfect

It's no secret that many romance stories, either in book, movie, or television form, have a tendency to be a little cheesy and over-the-top. But in The Mindy Project, creator Mindy Kaling nailed the rom-com tropes perfectly, and managed to make the show hilarious and perfectly-suited to all the characters. In the series finale, specifically, Kaling's character and the father of her child, Danny, her real one true love, finally got back together. It was so romantic, and the kiss they shared in the moment was heartfelt and full of sparks.

The entire episode was pretty great, and seriously bittersweet, but the scene where Mindy and Danny finally lock lips was oh-so-rewarding. It wasn't on the Empire State Building, or on some romantic vacation, but in the doctor's lounge at the hospital where the two re-kindled their romance — and fans everywhere were totally pleased. After all that the pair had been through together, that kiss was hot and lovely. It was truly the best conclusion to the show, and to Danny and Mindy's relationship.

When Blaine and Kurt kissed in Glee, there were fireworks

As over-the-top and melodramatic as Glee was during basically its entire run, the show still offered some interesting plot dynamics, as well as some really interesting characters who developed in new and important ways. Specifically, the relationship between Blaine and Kurt, who had to struggle with their peers and parents when they came out, was pretty satisfying to watch. This was especially so when the two shared their first kiss; it felt like fireworks had gone off, and the pair finally got the happiness they each deserved.

In the scene, Kurt and Blaine were discussing the possibility of performing a duet together, and what they should sing, when Blaine decided to just go for it. He told Kurt that he moved him, and the sparks were flying intensely when Blaine swooped in for a smooch. The moment was so perfect it almost felt like it didn't belong in Glee, with all of its adolescent drama. But, the moment was real, and that kiss was so emotionally charged you'd have to be made of stone not to cry.

Michael's proposal to Holly on The Office was silly and sweet

When Steve Carrell's character, Michael Scott, proposes to his girlfriend Holly on The Office, it's an emotional rollercoaster. Before the actual proposal, Michael considers a slew of ideas; however, when he shows the ring to his closest confidants at the office, he's told to reconsider. After all, the engagement ring is huge (three years' salary, apparently) and Michael's friends assure him he can just keep it simple.

After walking through the break room and having coworkers ask Holly to marry them, Michael leads her to a room he's field with candles, where he first saw her. He gets down on one knee, and asks if Holly will marry him (in some strange Yoda-esque voice no less). Holly says yes just after the sprinklers go off, and then the two share a kiss that is so happy, so filled with love, you can't help but to shed a tear. After all, it has taken Michael so many years, and so many episodes, to find his perfect match.

Olivia kissing Fitz in this scene in Scandal was brutal

There was plenty of drama on Scandal throughout the entire series, but the relationship between Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant was especially fraught with disaster after disaster. Seriously, there were multiple murders, assassinations, and torture plots on Scandal, yet somehow Olivia and Fitz's relationship dynamic remained the most interesting aspect.

So much of the tension between Olivia and Fitz on Scandal was because of Fitz's very public job as the literal President of the United States. So when he exits the presidency and transfers powers over, Olivia sees an opportunity. She chases after him before he boards a helicopter to leave town — and plants a huge kiss on him as cameras click away. The smooch is seriously hot, but also powerful. The two aren't hiding their love anymore, and after so many seasons spent keeping everything secret, this just felt right. Ugh, those two are so messy, but so meant to be.

Hook and Emma's kiss in Once Upon a Time was a long time coming

The ABC drama Once Upon A Time was more than a little creative when it comes to putting a new spin on fairytales. Specifically, the love story between Emma Swan and Captain Hook wasn't something anyone could have predicted, but when they finally kissed, it was so worthwhile.

Emma and Hook had so much chemistry from the get-go. Seriously, their sword fight scene was downright dirtier than Fifty Shades of Grey. "Normally I'd prefer to do other more enjoyable activities with a woman on her back," Hook tells Emma, as she's pinned to the ground. Um, wow. Then, when they finally kissed, it was like all that tension exploded when their lips touched. It was seriously swoon-worthy, but because of all they'd been through, and the precarious nature of Once Upon A Time, you couldn't help but get a little emotional. After all, Hook had just saved Emma's father's life, so anything could happen. 

Yes, Emma and Hook's first kiss made you cry your eyes out, because the pair finally expressed their feelings it was so steamy and satisfying.

Jamie and Claire have the best passion on Outlander

Listen, for as interesting of a story as Outlander serves up, it's also a steamy romance novel in television form, featuring two very attractive people. But for as sultry as the show can be, Jamie and Claire have a genuine love connection.

For instance, the bathtub scene from season 4 was better than anything Nicholas Sparks could deign to write. In the scene, Jamie is helping Claire bathe and they go in for a kiss. After they kiss, Claire responds poetically, "Your kisses raining down on me, is it a drizzle or a torrent." Naturally, Jamie shares in the poetic musings, and responds, "I'll bathe you in them." If that exchange alone doesn't cause shivers to run down your spine than nothing will. After that, Jamie surprises Claire with a new wedding ring, and then scoops her out of the bath and carries her to the bed. 

The intense connection between Claire and Jamie is well-known on Outlander, but that kiss was quite possibly the most romantic kiss in television history. Jamie showed passion and tenderness, and it was impossible not to shed a tear (or a few dozen).

This TV kiss on Gossip Girl was so tender between Chuck and Blair

As unrealistic as Gossip Girl was in showing the lives of Manhattan's elite, the series did offer one relationship that everyone rooted for: Chuck and Blair. The two were perfect together, but it took a while for them to get it right.

Once Chuck and Blair began their romantic relationship, it became clear that one of the biggest obstacles they would face was Chuck's inability to commit or truly connect and fall for someone. But then, at the end of season 2, Chuck showed Blair how much she meant to him by finally telling Blair he loved her. The two then embraced and shared a kiss that fans had been waiting forever to see. Cue the waterworks! 

Despite all the hurdles in their relationship, and each of their own faults, Chuck and Blair put each other first, and their love was genuine. That kiss showed all of that, as well as the potential they had for an actual relationship, which everyone wanted. Come on, you know you love them.

Jane and Michael's wedding kiss on Jane the Virgin was perfect

Anyone who's seen only one episode of Jane The Virgin knows that the protagonist, Jane Villanueva, is perpetually in a love triangle. At first, Jane dates Michael, a cop and her first love. Then, she falls for bad-boy Rafael, who by means of an accidental artificial insemination is her baby daddy. Jane goes back and forth between the two men quite a bit, and even marries Michael fairly early on in the series.

At their wedding, things are tense because of some behind-the-scenes drama — but then Michael takes Jane and just about everyone else by surprise with his vows. Instead of just reciting his vows to her in English, he instead has clearly studied with Jane's grandmother and learned to say them in Spanish, the language Jane speaks with her family. It's so shocking, loving, and incredibly romantic that their kiss after the vows will have you in a sea of tears. 

Jane and Michael's future was still uncertain, but in that moment it was clear that Michael was totally devoted to Jane.

This Jack and Rebecca kiss in This is Us is iconic

There's no doubt that This Is Us is quite possibly the most dramatic and romantic series out there. The show practically invented crying on a weeknight, and the entire Jack and Rebecca love story is the very definition of an emotional rollercoaster. But one scene in particular, one kiss in particular, set them apart and made every viewer cry harder than they had since the previous episode.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, the scene saw Jack and Rebecca — the ultimate couple — have a pretty intense quarrel over having children. At the time, Rebecca wasn't so sure she wanted children after hearing what her friends with kids had to go through. But then, during the Superbowl, Jack followed Rebecca outside the bar and consoled her. "If it's between you and having kids, you win. Every time. No question." Ugh, the two then shared a kiss so intense and passionate that it lead to the literal conception of their children. So yeah, that kiss was powerful and a total tear-jerker. Jack and Rebecca were goals in that moment.

In Revenge, Jack and Emily had the perfect ending

With a title like Revenge, it's no wonder the ABC drama was full of more ups and downs than anyone was prepared for. But at the very end of the series, after everything had finally settled down somewhat, Jack and Emily got married. And the kiss, and the wedding in general, was so sweet that it would be impossible to watch it and not cry.

At Jack and Emily's beautiful wedding, there weren't any overly-cheesy vows, or stuttering through the ceremony; it was a simple montage set against a song that had been played on the series from season 1. It was, in short, the perfect ending. But what made it so special was the kiss shared between Jack and Emily after they'd officially gotten married — it was truly moving.

Emily and Jack had been through a lot since before Revenge even began, so much death and destruction, that the fact that they could finally relax and get their happily ever after was almost too much. 

This Modern Family kiss was everything

Mitch and Cam on Modern Family certainly didn't always have an easy relationship by any means. From the hardships Mitch faced from his father, to Cam being so far from home, to their struggles with deciding whether or not they wanted a second child, their relationship was intense. But then, they got married, and all was right in the world.

Really, the wedding in its entirety was magical, but their kiss was it; the smooch was so meaningful, with so much tenderness shared between Mitch and Cam that you couldn't help but cry. On top of that, their union was a beautifully profound statement during a time when marriage between a same-sex couple was still not widely accepted. Not only did Mitch's dad walk him down the aisle, but his brother-in-law, Phil, officiated the wedding. 

Truly, Mitch and Cam's kiss during the ceremony just highlighted how far the couple has come. It was almost too sweet to handle, and tissues were definitely necessary.

Archie and Veronica's kiss in Riverdale was super meaningful

Riverdale is full of unbelievable twists and turns, which are really what makes the show what it is. The teenagers on the show deal with more than any adult would know how to handle, and they do it while getting good grades and looking effortlessly hot. In the season 2 premiere, for instance, Archie and Veronica share a kiss that is especially intense, seeing as they're in the midst of discovering a new murderer in town. In the scene, Archie is distraught as his father is in the hospital after being shot. Veronica comforts him, in the shower no less, pearls and all. 

Obviously the scene is steamy, by the kiss shared by Archie and Veronica in that moment was more than just hot — it was kind of tragic. Archie didn't know what was going to happen to his dad, Veronica was just as confused, and they only had each other. And sadly, as fans know, Luke Perry, the actor who played Fred Andrews passed away in 2019, causing the tears to flow even more in retrospect.

After Chandler and Monica got engaged on Friends, their kiss made everyone cry

Though Friends ended its ten-season run long, long ago, the show still has very dedicated fans and viewers. And those fans will not hesitate to tell you that the show's most emotional moment didn't happen at a wedding or on the series finale — rather, it instead happened when Chandler and Monica got engaged. The pair's happy ending was a long time coming, and the fact that they both, sort of, proposed to each other just made it even better.

As soon as Monica starts to propose, she absolutely loses it and bursts into tears; Chandler takes over, but he's a sobbing mess as well. Really, the entire proposal would have anyone in tears, so when they lock lips after officially getting engaged, it's hard not to explode with emotion. These two deserve happiness, and their messy proposal was so perfectly reminiscent of their relationship that the kiss felt like pure magic.