Danielle Busby Shares A Hopeful Update On Her Health Battle

Cheers and prayers are pouring in for Danielle Busby, the Texas mom of six daughters who rose to reality TV fame as one of the stars of TLC's OutDaughtered. As she and husband Adam have been reporting on their Instagram feeds, Danielle has been in and out of doctors' offices and hospitals over the last couple of months, looking for some kind of diagnosis behind her mysterious symptoms. In November, she was admitted to the ER after she unexpectedly started feeling "alarming sensations in her arms and legs," as Adam wrote. Although Danielle managed to enjoy making memories with Adam, their older daughter Blayke, and their 5-year-old quintuplet daughters during the holidays — and celebrated her 37th birthday in between — the time was punctuated with visits to specialists including a cardiologist and rheumatologist. 

Then, on January 6, she was admitted to the hospital once again for "the most invasive test so far," according to Adam's Insta. Both Busby parents asked their million-plus followers for prayers as they waited for answers, and the fans came through in droves, as the family's most recent update reveals. 

Danielle is negative for COVID, but no definite answers yet

On Thursday, both Busbys shared new Instagram photos of Danielle at the doctor's office. Her color photo showed her sitting on an exam table, and her caption was upbeat as she thanked her fans several times for their support. She credited their appeals to heaven with the news that "NO surgery is needed," she wrote. "...I believe in the POWER of PRAYER and I am certain these prayers helped my outcome." Danielle added, however, that her symptoms still don't have a diagnosis, so her battle isn't over yet.

Adam's black and white photo showed just her feet dangling over the exam table, with his own sneakered foot in the foreground. The caption said bluntly, "Another day, another dr." A fan suggested that perhaps Danielle might be experiencing COVID-19-related nervous system symptoms and asked if she had been tested for the virus. Adam's reply: "She has been tested multiple times over the last few months, but most recently before the procedure Monday. All negative."

The couple's newest posts garnered more than 250,000 likes, and countless heart and prayer emojis from fans who hope Danielle returns to health and to their hit show.