This Is When You Should Have Your Last Snack Of The Day

We've all heard Oprah tell us back in the day that she never eats anything past 7:30 p.m. to make sure her body digests the food correctly as she sleeps (via Oprah). Most of us thought we could also do the same to lose those extra five pounds, but sometimes the force of a snack craving is just too strong.


There is no one rule that fits all for the timing of your snack, since every person has different goals set for themselves. However, generally speaking, you should have your last meal or snack about three hours before you head up to bed, according to Very Well Health. The idea behind this plan is that the time before bed will give your body time to digest the food you have eaten and use the energy it has left before it rests. What's more, Live Science reported that having a substantial afternoon snack can be the key to fighting off those late-night cravings that most of us usually give in to.

When shouldn't I snack during the day?

Self reported that the absolute worst time to snack is mid-morning. Plus, the outlet noted that the American Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who ate between breakfast and lunch often snacked later in the day, which means the calories are bound to add up. The goal is to have a balanced breakfast, so you feel full longer, eliminating the morning snack craving. 


Not surprisingly, Men's Health revealed the other unwise time to snack was right before bedtime. If you have a terrible habit of late-night snacking, you could be in trouble since studies have shown that people are less aware of their food choices at night. Most often tend to binge on sugary and salty snacks, which can leave you feeling bloated. 

Bottom line: If you feel hungry, have a snack. It is important to find a healthy medium so you don't end up depriving yourself. If you snack, just chose the healthier option.