Who Is The Bachelor's Amber Andrews?

Although Bachelor contestant Amber Andrews was eliminated by Matt James on night one, she will forever be a part of Bachelor Nation — which is why the fandom should get to know her better. She's a 30-year-old nursing student from Costa Mesa, California, per ABC, and she's been through a lot in her life — she was a teen mom, and recently lost her own mom to ovarian cancer, per Instagram.

Still, she chooses to enjoy the gifts of life and not take it for granted, which is why her Instagram grid is full of adventures and time with family. On Dec. 14, she announced that she was cast on The Bachelor. "So I did a thing," she wrote (via Instagram). Because her journey got cut short, we can only hope to see her on Bachelor in Paradise — if it films this summer, that is. Aside from Matt James, here's what Andrews is all about.

Andrews is a single mom

Andrews is mom to a 13-year-old son who is active in sports, according to her Instagram page. She often shares photos and videos of his activities, including a video of him practicing boxing (her bravely holding the punching mitts) and photos of him on the baseball field.

According to her ABC bio, she struggles to date as a single parent, but she's finally "ready to focus on herself for the first time in a long time." She's also a future nurse who calls herself caring, trustworthy and open-minded, but admittedly is also stubborn and a bit impatient. She was hoping to find a life with James, travel, and eventually have more kids, but because she wasn't the one for him, she'll have to put herself out there to find a new candidate. If they're lucky, she'll greet them while riding a two-seated bicycle, too.

Andrews loves animals and the outdoors

Her Instagram bio calls her an adventurer and animal lover, and she told ABC that her dream job would be to take care of beluga whales because "they just make her so happy." In April 2018, she and her son posed with an elephant for Instagram. "Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful & loyal," she captioned the post. "Difficult standards for people to live up to." She and her son have a dog named Milo, per Instagram, and they stay active as a family.

If she's not hiking in the California mountains, riding horses, taking a dip in a creek, or wandering a beach somewhere, she's snowboarding, rock climbing, and literally shooting her shot at the shooting range, where she's operated an impressive collection of rifles and handguns. Under a December 2019 shooting video, she wrote, "Keeps a hand on a gun, can't trust anyone," quoting country singer Morgan Wallen's "Cover Me Up."

Andrews recently lost her mom

Andrews has shared extensively about the devastating 2019 loss of her mom to ovarian cancer on Instagram. In February 2020, she and her family took a trip to Hawaii in her honor. "A year ago from last week is when we lost you," she wrote on Instagram. "We spent it the way our mom would have wanted us to, at the place we were all going to go together ... She was there with us. & now part of her will always be in Hawaii."

In August 2019, she and her sister saw Chicago in concert, one of their mom's favorite bands. "We couldn't hold back the tears from flowing for our favorite songs we grew up to our mom singing to in the car & dancing in the front room to," she wrote on Instagram. "I just imagined her standing there holding a tall draft beer & singing with us. I know you were there with us ... I miss you so much momma."