Could Ben Smith Be The Next Bachelor?

Ben Smith may have won over viewers' hearts on Tayshia Adams' season of The Bachelorette, but he didn't quite manage to capture Tayshia's. While Ben came close to winning Tayshia's hand, and was even allowed back on the show after she eliminated him, things just weren't meant to be. Instead, Tayshia ended up getting engaged to Zac Clark, leaving Ben single.


It may have not been the romantic end he wanted from his Bachelorette journey, but many think that Ben could now have a successful future in the Bachelor franchise if he wants it. Ben, however, isn't so sure that he's cut out for the Bachelor Nation lifestyle. Ben wasn't even sure if he wanted to join the cast of The Bachelorette, saying on the podcast Off the Vine (via Cosmopolitan) that he only did so after realizing "something might happen that's great."

Ben Smith never considered starring on another Bachelor Nation show

As for the possibility of being on another Bachelor show or even of being the next Bachelor, it isn't even on Ben's radar. "I never had any intentions of doing anything more," he said.

Of course, Ben's heartbreak is still pretty fresh, so it's possible that we might see him being more open to continuing on the franchise after he's had more time to heal. Tayshia's runner-up said on the podcast The Viall Files (via E! News) that, in spite of his broken heart, he's happy for the engaged couple.


"It's tough to see yourself go through something like that," he said of watching The Bachelorette finale. "But I'm so happy for the way it ended up. I'm so happy for Tayshia, I'm so happy for Zac. Zac and I were close throughout the entire experience... You can see that they're happy together. The fact that they're still together, that's incredible in and of itself."