Clare Crawley May Have A Concussion After This Dancing Fail With Dale Moss

In an early 2021 fail worthy of a YouTube compilation, The Bachelorette's Clare Crawley and Dale Moss showed off some dancing skills that, well, didn't go as planned. In a video the 39-year-old posted to her Instagram, but seemingly later removed, the couple is seen performing a lift that ends with Crawley smacking the top of her head on the ceiling. Incidentally, the video of the unfortunate incident is still live via Moss' TikTok.

"It's fine, I'm fine," she assured concerned followers after posting the cringeworthy footage. But later the reality star shared, "I'm concussed," on her feed (via Us Weekly).

Although we see Moss quickly comforting his gal pal post-head injury, we also witness Crawley playfully swat her husband-to-be and accuse him of slamming her skull into the ceiling on purpose. He assures her he didn't — and we would hope so! 

It seems at first, the situation played out all in good fun, but soon, Crawley clearly grew worried about her condition.

Clare Crawley asked her followers for help in diagnosing her injury

Soon after the head bump seen 'round the world, The Bachelorette took to Instagram in search of answers about her potential-injury (via Heavy). "OK, well I definitely shouldn't have read my DMs. I feel like it is one step away from WebMD in there, and people are telling me I shouldn't be falling asleep, I need to go to the ER. I'm just... what?" the shaken star shared in a video posted later.

She went on to admit, "In all fairness, I asked you guys, and you answered, which I appreciate. But I'm a hypochondriac, so it's like, 'Do I need to go to the ER?' Don't answer that."

We don't know for sure whether Crawley did seek medical attention and has officially been diagnosed with a concussion. But, she soon updated fans about her injury, "I think I survived the night, so I'm doing pretty good. I do have a really bad headache though, which is not the greatest."

Here's wishing Crawley a speedy recovery. And watch that ceiling height the next time you go all Dirty Dancing you two!