How The Flip Or Flop Fort Worth Couple Met

If you love HGTV's Flip or Flop, chances are you were excited when the series spun off to Flip or Flop: Fort Worth with Ashley and Andy Williams. The couple, both military veterans, began sharing their own journey of flipping homes in 2017 (per IMDb). The two came into the business when transitioning from military life to civilian life, when they started talking about having a family and leading careers out of harm's way.


"I've always viewed real estate as a way to add value to the community while making above average returns," Andy explained to HGTV. "I decided to study the real estate market closely and invest with a purpose for [a] pathway to transition from Iraq back home in Texas."

Today, their two children are also very much a part of the family business. Andy and Ashley are parents to 8-year-old Ashton and 7-year-old Amina. "We like to get their help with sourcing houses. We call it 'driving for dollars,'" Ashley said. "We drive around on Sundays and look at different neighborhoods and see what our next endeavor will be!"

Andy and Ashley met while they were both still serving in the military

The Flip or Flop: Fort Worth couple share a beautiful love story. Andy was serving in the Marines, doing a tour in Baghdad, Iraq, when he first laid eyes on his love. Ashley was there on active duty with the Army. She was at the gym, preparing for a physical fitness test when Andy approached her.


"I was sitting on the leg machine and Andy came up to me and said, 'Hey, do you need a personal trainer?' I was like, 'Uh, no!'" Ashley told Good Housekeeping. They also shared their origin story with HGTV. "He was really muscular," Ashley recalled. "For that particular work, he had to be in peak condition, so that was definitely the first thing you noticed."

While Ashley was reluctant, Andy was persistent. He began showing up to visit Ashley on her night shifts. "Ashley had a beautiful smile and curious look," Andy said of the chase. "For a moment I forgot I was in Baghdad."