Who Is RuPaul's Drag Race's Joey Jay?

Season 13 of Rupaul's Drag Race is upon us, which means we have a brand-new cast of drag queens who are all competing for the title of most charismatic, unique, nervy, and talented. One of the new faces is Joey Jay, a 30-year-old from Phoenix. There's a lot of curiosity about the new cast from fans of the show, and luckily there's plenty to learn about each castmate.


From the jump, Joey Jay has been all about breaking drag queen stereotypes. Instead of coming up with a brand new name, Joey Jay's stage name is based on his real name — Joey Jadryev — and he also typically chooses to style his own hair instead of wearing a wig, according to an interview with VH1.

Joey Jay is also politically active, and told the Arizona publication Jewish News that he feels he has a responsibility to speak out about issues he's concerned with. "When you get in drag you are a political statement — you're not just in drag to put a wig on. It's your duty to educate people about Stonewall and Marsha P. Johnson."

What to expect this season from Joey Jay

Joey Jay is actually only the second person from Arizona to appear on the show, and people are really excited about it. Deb Behrendt, a chair for AZ Jews for Pride, says the community is really proud of him. She says, "I've been watching 'Drag Race' for years. I am proud that Joey Jay hails from Phoenix and is Jewish. I just feel like a proud mom watching Joey Jay slay!" (via Jewish News).


Viewers can also expect to be delighted by someone who really knows what they're here to do. Joey Jay told The Spectrum that he's finally grown into himself and he loves who he is, saying, "When I'm out in public, I want others to see me comfortable in my own skin. I want them to know that if they can see that I am doing ok, they can flourish as well. It took me a long time to be comfortable with myself. That battle is definitely far from over but I can say I am proud of the man I have grown into."