Fashion Expert Predicts Jill Biden's Inauguration Look

Dr. Jill Biden isn't exactly a newbie when it comes to attending presidential inaugurations. After all, her husband, who is taking his oath as Commander-in-Chief on January 20, also happened to take part in a few them himself, as Vice President under former President Barack Obama. This has given Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Cachita Hynes of Style on the Spot the perfect opportunity to look into her fashion crystal ball to work out where committed educator Dr. Jill might be going with her look on January 20. 


"One may think these topics frivolous but as history has shown fashion can be a symbolic form of communication," Hynes exclusively tells The List. "Dr. Biden is known for some high fashion pieces, like her Oscar de la Renta gown she wore for her husband's acceptance speech, but her attainable style on a daily basis is what makes her so relatable. I'm projecting Dr. Biden won't wear her signature red as she did for Obama and Joe's inauguration but rather something solid, blue, or white."

Jill Biden likely will choose an American designer

Hynes is hoping for Inauguration Day to be a launching point for a lucky, aspiring designer who might have caught Biden's eye, especially since dressing the First-Lady-to-be would be a golden opportunity for some of the country's up-and-coming creatives. 


"As far as designers go this is such a coveted opportunity, I believe she will choose an American designer and I hope for this as it's time to give some love to our home country in more ways than one," Hynes tells The List. "No matter what she wears and no matter what your political standing is, I can tell you this is a woman who has achieved a great deal on her own and will continue to educate us far beyond her fashion choices."

Jill Biden's fashion statements match her exuberant personality

Hynes is especially impressed by Biden's ability to put her best foot forward. She says: "Her fashion statements match her exuberant personality, as she always expresses confidence. I have to admit I hate the term women should dress for their age, but there is some truth to this as we all have to admit your first impression of someone is what you see. So often I tell my mom (who is about Dr. Biden's age) to wear more form-fitting pieces, as so many women her age stop embracing their curves and femininity. I love that Dr. Biden isn't afraid to show her curves and fabulous legs."


"Dr. Jill Biden has never taken a back seat to being fashionable and I have all the faith in the world she will step into her new role as First Lady with grace. As a respectable educator I think she will educate all of us through her fashion choices over the next four years," Hynes tells The List.