Piercing Trends You'll Be Asking For Throughout 2021

A creative and stylish way for people to express themselves is through body piercings. According to Psychologized, these holes and pieces of jewelry act as a form of art, as some choose to decorate their bodies this way. Additionally, once one piercing is added, it can be common to want more and more, as new ideas and trends spark inspiration.

For 2021, in particular, there are several piercing placements that have grown in popularity. Consider them, and get ready to drool over them on many others, as well!

First up is the snakebite, which stacks two earrings on top of one another. As StyleCaster points out, this is a smart way to make a hole that is too high or too low look more intentional.

Those who like to experiment with a variety of holes and heights may want to get some constellation piercings. As the name suggests, these groups mimic clusters of stars, and just like the sky, there are infinite possibilities with this option.

Brian Keith Thompson, the Chief Piercing Officer of Body Electric Tattoo, says that, in general, people seem to be wanting lots more piercings. While this can lead to artistic and adorable ways to express oneself, it can become an expensive hobby and one that requires lots of heal time, as he discussed with PopSugar.

This year, both new and familiar piercing styles are trending

Another piercing that is being seen more often is the conch in the middle part of the ear. While these look very cool on people like Victoria Beckham and Zoe╠ł Kravitz, they do take longer to heal, which is something to keep in mind.

Elle reported that everyone could be seeing more of the forward helix, the auricle and the flat, which are three more out-of-the-box choices for ear piercings.

Nose rings have seen dips and peaks in their popularity, and they seem to be making a comeback in 2021, too. Chrissy Teigen is just one celebrity who recently added a cute little stud.

Finally, one more body part to consider getting pierced is the nipple. Due to the pandemic and spending more time at home, many have skipped bras altogether. So why not replace them with some fun and funky jewelry? This trend may not work for everyone, but with stars like Bella Thorne and Rihanna rocking them, the world will probably be seeing even more nipple piercings in this year and beyond (via Refinery29).