Why Fans Can't Stop Talking About Deavan Clegg's Latest Instagram Post

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Deavan Clegg isn't on the show anymore, but even so she can't seem to catch a break. Before she broke things off with Jihoon Lee in South Korea, fans delighted in criticizing her parenting style so much that Clegg lashed out on her Instagram stories, alleging the entire show was fake (via Cheat Sheet). Even after Lee and Clegg separated, their story kept on snaring us in, inviting us to gawk and whisper. Like the time Hollywood Gossip nudged you on the shoulder, and whispered in your ear that Lee was successfully funding his custody battle through a GoFundMe. Or like when InTouch amplified criticism of Clegg's (maybe) engagement to her new partner, Topher Park.

Clegg's last appearance in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way was in 2020. We've now officially inaugurated 2021. Common sense might tell us to listen to the former reality show star when she toasts on her Instagram to "new beginnings starting over and being who I want to be." Some fans, however, still can't resist snarking at Clegg's social media posts.

What's the big deal about Deavan Clegg's new look?

Deavan Clegg ended 2020 cozying up with her family, and transitioned into 2021, focusing on a bit of self-love. No doubt about it: Clegg's newest Instagram pic is captivating. " I've got some major resolutions," Clegg writes next to it. We believe her: Deavan Clegg shines with new, lighter hair, and highlights. She's self-confident and beautifully made up. She looks rejuvenated. Many of her 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way followers, however, were fixated on something else: Clegg's noticeably fuller lips.

"Ease up on the lip fillers. Wow!," wrote one of Clegg's followers, and immediately racked in over 72 likes. "Is this still Devon? I'm confused," jabbed another. As one Reddit thread documents, Clegg has never hid her desire for plastic surgery. She's previously used her OnlyFans page to fundraise for breast lift and implants after admitting to being "insanely self-conscious" after "having two kids." Which brings us to a question of our own. Why is anyone surprised that Clegg got some work done? And shouldn't we be celebrating her choice to do what she wants with her body?