The Cozy Piece Of Clothing That More Than 30% Of Women Would Never Give Up

In a time when pajamas, athleisure, and comfy garments reign supreme, the results are in: These are the cozy clothing items that women say they would never give up.

Over 570 females in the U.S. were surveyed by The List in order to find out which relaxed and snuggly clothes are loved and worn the most. The winner was that old, familiar, worn T-shirt, with more than 34% and almost 200 women picking it. Not far behind though in second place was yoga pants, a current staple amidst the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine, and stay-at-home orders. According to the results, 29.27% of those surveyed went with this option.


Of course, leggings and stretchy athletic pants are great for lounging on the couch or working out, as they fit to the shape of the body. They can also help a person feel freer and perhaps even more successful, as discussed by Psychology Today.

Oversized cardigans and 10-year-old jeans are also cozy staples for women

Another garment that is easy and comfortable to wear is an oversized cardigan, and nearly 19% of readers said this was the clothing item they would not give up. According to Marie Claire, this is a great transitional piece, as it can fight off a light breeze in the spring or provide an extra layer of warmth in the winter.


After that, a popular answer was a pair of jeans that fits just right, worn to perfection after a decade. In the survey, 12.72%, or 73 of the respondents, gave this response. It should also be noted that 27 of the participants replied with "other," since there are many other comfy and cozy clothes that help make up wardrobes.

Perhaps these women were thinking of a thick hoodie? Maybe some of them were picturing a pair of PJ pants? And there were surely those who were referencing warm socks or slippers, which can help avoid bunions, tendonitis, and pain, as well as look extra cute while staying indoors.