Why Twitter Is So Worried About Barron Trump

The nation's 45th president, Donald Trump, left the White House Wednesday with First Lady Melania Trump by his side (via Newsweek). The couple then boarded Marine One, but not before the outgoing leader of the free world said about his time in office, "It's been a great honor, the honor of a lifetime." Rather than attending President Joe Biden's inauguration, Trump chose to buck tradition and hold his own departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews.

Not in tow by his parents' side? Barron Trump, the youngest of the outgoing president's five children. In the past, Barron has been photographed walking with his parents before travel, but this time, the president's youngest son avoided the cameras. And it seems, not surprisingly, social media was ready to weigh in on the 14-year-old's absence during the photo op.

"The real question is 'where was #barrontrump today?'" one Twitter user wanted to know in the wake of the teen's no-show. Oh, were there theories! From joking the first son was Home Alone à la Kevin from the movie, to wondering if the boy was forgotten at the White House (seems unlikely!), indeed, Twitter was having fun with pondering the whereabouts of Barron Trump.

Barron Trump was ultimately with his parents — just not in view of cameras

The most likely place Barron Trump was when his parents were exiting the White House for the last time was — drumroll please — school. Although classes at his St. Andrew's Episcopal School in D.C. were being conducted remotely earlier in 2020, he may have been attending in-person school at this time (via CNN). While Barron's future educational plans have yet to be announced, it's been rumored the youngest Trump will attend a tony high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida following his family's move to the state (via South Florida Sun Sentinel).

Of course, Barron was still trending on Twitter as the Trumps said their farewells, with one user joking, "The Trumps left #BarronTrump behind to be raised by the Bidens." One jokester referenced the president's own Home Alone cameo, tweeting, "I wonder if Barron is gonna accidentally come across his dad in the Midtown Plaza Hotel and ask for directions to the lobby." Another user wondered if he refused to leave the White House. After all, with a bowling alley, chocolate, and private movie theatre, the White House might have more amenities than Mar-a-Lago (via Business Insider).

It's worth noting all of Trump's other children — including Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, and Tiffany, who had announced her engagement the day before — watched him bid farewell to the White House, and this chapter in American history, according to People. The outlet reports Barron was on Air Force One en route to Florida with his parents. Whether he could hear Frank Sinatra's "My Way" drifting in from the speakers outside, Barron fans will just have to guess.