Mary From Storage Wars Used To Be Followed By Secret Service. Here's Why

Mary Padian may be one of your favorite buyers on "Storage Wars," but the skilled treasure hunter is so much more. Padian, whose nickname is "The Junkster," was born in Texas to a housewife and a scrap metal salvager (via SpareFoot Blog). Her life took its first turn when she started interning for D Home Magazine as a high school senior. She enjoyed the internship and decided to attend the University of Texas at Austin as a result.

A Texas native, Padian was excited for her college experience at UT Austin, but she had no idea what was in store for her. College proved to be a wild ride for Mary, but not for the reasons you might think. During her sophomore year, Mary decided to spend some time in New York, interning at Harper's Bazaar. It was after that time when she lived with another very noteworthy UT Austin student. 

Mary casually revealed her famous roomie during a podcast interview

Mary Padian appeared on "The Mystery Men" podcast, where she opened up about living with then-first daughter Jenna Bush. "We lived together for a little bit after [...] I was in New York," she said. One of the hosts asked if Jenna had a Secret Service detail during that time. Padian revealed that she did "when we were in college." By extension, that meant Padian had Secret Service protection as well while they lived together.

"It was crazy, but it was her life," Padian shared. "She didn't choose it. She was indifferent to it. It was fine but it wasn't."

When the hosts inquired about how that worked when they went out to a bar, Padian explained they just did their thing. "I forgot. Looking back on it, I'm like, 'Oh my God,' you know? But at the time, no, [I didn't notice]. I mean, they're Secret Service — they're trained professionals. They know what to do," said Padian. "It was just her dad was the president. I felt bad for her at times."

The two ladies may have ended up on very different paths, but they share roots — and nights out with the Secret Service — with each other and UT Austin forever.