Why Olivia Plath's Business Rebrand Has People Seeing Red

Olivia Plath of reality TV show Welcome to Plathville has taken on a lot of new changes at the start of 2021, from putting the house she shares with her husband Ethan on the market so the couple can start a new and more independent life, to announcing that she and her husband will be working on healing their own pasts and childhood traumas before considering starting a family of their own (via People). Now, Olivia is also rebranding her photography business, but the way in which she's chosen to publicize this rebranding effort has her fans very upset and even concerned for her health and the health of others. 

Early in January, Olivia posted a teaser for her newly revamped business to her social media with the caption, "TWO WEEKS UNTIL LAUNCH DAY 😍 Who is ready?? New me, new website, new Instagram update, new video ... and so much more!" Sounds positive enough, right? Well, unfortunately, Plath chose to include many images of crowded events like wedding receptions, where people are seen dancing and embracing and standing close together, smiling... unmasked. This has lead many fans to comment with concerns that Olivia isn't behaving responsibly and following COVID restrictions (via TVshowsace.com).  

Fans react with anger and worry on social media

Underneath Plath's Instagram post featuring images of people partying, comments read "I love how people just go on living like COVID hasn't killed 400,000 people in just a year alone," and many other comments echo the concern. One person took a more amiable approach, saying, "I hope these pictures are pre-2020. By all means, people should be living their lives and that means things like weddings will occur. However, the lack of masks in these pictures is concerning. By having a major event in these times people need to accept pictures will include masks. I'm hoping these are old pictures and lovely ones at that."

Fortunately, Plath actually directly answered this commenter by assuring her that the photos are, indeed, pre-pandemic, saying, "These are old photos," and placed a kissy face beside the reply to reassure the commenter that she appreciated the kind tone of the message.