Welcome To Plathville: Here's Where The Plath Family Really Lives

TLC's Welcome to Plathville follows the titular Plath family, a strict, Christian fundamentalist clan, whose morals are as strong as their love for each other, as they take on modern life. The show may have been a one-season wonder, since it remains unclear whether the Plaths will return for round two. But even just from what we know of them so far, they're a fascinating group whose simple farm lives, so different from the vast majority of Americans, are ripe for reality TV.

The show follows parents Kim and Barry, their brood of nine children (and one trouble-making in-law), as they live without live without technology, soda, or movies and television, on an isolated yet picturesque farm in rural Georgia. Naturally, they don't actually live in Plathville, which sounds like some kind of cartoon town. Although it's an ingenious set-up for a show, the reality may be very different for the Plath family.

The Plath family own a suburban home

Starcasm reports that the sprawling, 55-acre Plath family farm is located just outside of Cairo (which isn't pronounced like the Egyptian city, but rather as "Cay-row") in the southwestern part of Georgia. Grady County, where Cairo is situated, is on the Florida/Georgia state line and about a 34-minute drive north of Tallahassee. The population is just under 10,000 by a recent census count. The closest Georgia town, Thomasville, has nearly double the population of Cairo, emphasizing just how small it is. 

However, as Soap Dirt revealed, the Plaths actually might not live on the farm that's featured on the show. The property is listed as a year-round rental on AirBnB by none other than Kim Plath herself. Described as being, "Nestled on a private and quiet fifty acre farm," prospective renters are assured they'll have the whole property to themselves for the duration of their stay. There's even a caretaker on site.

Instead, the Plaths reportedly purchased a different home in Cairo proper, right off the highway and close to a Walmart, Taco Bell, and a Pizza Hut, which is where they have actually lived since 2017. It's also located in close proximity to Ethan and his wife Olivia, which makes sense given the ongoing issues between them.