The Real Reason Your Eyelids Start Drooping

With countless eye-brightening creams, serums, and firming techniques available, many have started to proactively prepare against drooping eyelids. Sleepy-looking eyes can stem from many causes, WebMD explains, but luckily, there are a lot of ways to lift your lids in case they are starting to impact your vision.

Ptosis is the official name for this condition and the main symptom is simply a droopy eyelid that may eventually affect both lids. While this should not cause any discomfort, it may start to negatively impact your eyesight if the skin blocks part of your eye. Apparently, some people may even have to move their eyebrows or tilt their heads back to counteract this condition, the outlet notes. If you are starting to notice feeling like this, it may be time to take preventative measures. 

Sagging skin can come from a multitude of causes, including age. As your skin takes longer to bounce back from pulling and tugging, it may lead to a looser patch above your eye. Healthline explains that, after years of rubbing your eyes and being exposed to the sun, the skin around this area may stretch. With less collagen production, the skin might not bounce back as quickly as it once did. Be as gentle with this area as possible to avoid making matters worse.

Droopy eyelids could indicate nerve damage

Beyond constantly enduring damaging movements, like pulling and rubbing, your eyelids may droop from nerve damage. A poorly functioning nerve may lead to a looser appearance of the skin and cause blocked vision as you age, WebMD explains. Furthermore, if you have experienced an eye injury, it may also impact your eye's appearance in the long run.

Allergies and hereditary causes also create the droopy look that many try their hardest to avoid. Healthline notes that puffiness from seasonal allergies may be the culprit for a drooping eyelid since the skin on this area of your face can be heavier when it's swollen. On top of this issue, if you have ever looked at your mother and noticed similar features around her eyes, the cause of your drooping eyelids may be genetic. Plus, dry eye may even contribute to the condition!

Fortunately, countless solutions can help with this issue. The outlet reports various at-home remedies you can use, from black tea bags to tea tree oil, explaining that household items may combat the sagging of this skin. However, if the problem impacts your vision, your doctor may suggest a surgery or another treatment option, WebMD explains.

If you are starting to notice this issue arising, look for eye firming products and be careful with this delicate skin, especially if you have contacts or regularly remove makeup. Pain or vision loss are reasons to head to the doctor as soon as possible!