Sun Baby From Teletubbies Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

Imagine having an iconic role in a beloved TV show before you're even a year old. Not a lot of people can say that, but Jess Smith can. The child actor who took on the role of the Sun Baby in the original Teletubbies is all grown up now, but she still has the same adorable smile (via The Sun). If you grew up in the '90s, you were very familiar with the British TV show Teletubbies. It's where you got to see Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po play around in the Teletubbyland — with Smith as the Sun Baby smiling on. 

If there ever was a "Feel old yet?" meme, this is the one. The original Sun Baby is now in her 20s, and old enough to have a sun baby of her own. However, despite what some on Twitter would want you to believe, the Sun Baby does NOT, in fact, have her own little sun baby. According to USA Todaythere was a tweet going around in 2019 that shared a picture of Smith with the new Sun Baby, Berry, for the Teletubbies revival series, which premiered in 2015. The tweet read, "The Teletubbies Sun Baby has a baby." That was misleading. The Teletubbies Twitter account cleared up the rumors by letting us all know it was just the OG baby taking a picture with the new baby. 

Someone on TikTok claimed to be the OG Sun Baby

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last time there would be some confusion surrounding the original Sun Baby. Just last year, a TikToker named Nick Green claimed to be the original Sun Baby in a music video he posted to his TikTok account. Since you know who the actual OG Sun Baby is, you know where this is going. As reported by The AV Club, Green's video was fake, and after deceiving quite a few people, he posted a follow-up apology video. Despite the lies, the accompanying song was pretty good, so all seemed to be forgiven.

After all, only Smith would know what it was like working on the original Teletubbies show. According to her mother, Anji Smith, to film everything they "just sat [Jess] in front of a camera and she just laughed and smiled at her dad" (via E! News). Seems easy enough. As exciting as it is to be such an infamous character on a beloved children's television show, it did take Smith years to finally confess she was the Sun Baby. Now, she's gained the confidence to proudly admit it, and even said she still has the same baby face and is just as "giggly."