The Truth About Peloton Instructor Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde Oyeneyin has one of the most inspiring journeys of all Peloton trainers. It's hard to believe when you look at her insanely sculpted body, but Oyeneyin once struggled with her weight and body image. 

"I was always the biggest girl in my class growing up," she told Today. "I remember knowing I was this fun person, but I would never laugh too hard. If I laughed hard, people would recognize I was in the room. I didn't want anyone to notice me."

Oyeneyin turned things around with a gym membership and some determination. As she saw progress in herself, she wanted to make other people feel beautiful on the inside and out. She moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career as a makeup artist. "These two career paths really speak to my desire to positively impact the way people feel about themselves," she told Into The Gloss. "I think beauty is an attitude. How you feel on the inside dictates how other people view you — if you feel great about yourself, that energy radiates."

Tunde Oyeneyin inspires others with an inspiring mantra

Oyeneyin's journey has shown her that anything is possible, and that's the spirit she incorporates into everything she does at Peloton. Her mantra is: "Your mind is your strongest muscle." 

"Ultimately, your mind controls the way you see your entire life. Your mind controls everything," she told Today. "Absolutely, your quads or glutes assist you in a squat, but your mind first tells you that you are capable of pressing the weight in that squat. Once you get the hell out of your own way, watch as all the beauty starts to unfold in your life."

Those aren't her only inspiring words. She told Scott Evans in his So Close podcast the words of encouragement she gives to anyone getting started on a tough journey: "Do it anyway. Fear's a liar. It wasn't supposed to be easy. I don't think that life is supposed to be easy," she said. "We think something is so hard, we allow ourselves that scapegoat. We allow ourselves to hide behind that. If you lead with the thought that it was not supposed to be easy, then maybe it makes it easier because you look at people doing things and you think, 'It's so easy for them.'"

And for people who say they don't have the time to exercise or pursue whatever other goal they dream of, Oyeneyin has this simple but powerful advice: "Do it anyway and be consistent. The only difference between you and the person doing your dream job or doing what you want to do is consistency. They didn't fall off. They stay the course. If you stay the course, it will happen."