Rudy Giuliani Gets Caught Up In A Fake Kayleigh McEnany Tweet

Trump lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has added a new issue to his growing list of complaints which probably began around November 3 of last year. Aside from election fraud, he is now up in arms over what he sees is an attempt to censor free speech; his ire was most recently triggered by a lawsuit filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems over his claims that the presidential election which resulted in his client's loss, was rigged. Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion in damages (via The Guardian). 

So given his recent mood, we probably shouldn't be surprised to hear that Giuliani was ready to do battle on behalf of who he thought was a fellow "victim," former White House spokes woman Kayleigh McEnany, who had claimed that she "Just got SUSP3NDED off Twitter. I've always spread positivity and love. Dealing with Twitter is like dancing with the devil." Giuliani retweeted the comment, along with a comment of his own, saying "What's the difference between denial of free speech in China and the US. In China its' directly by CPP. In US Big Tech and Big Media does it for Democrat Party. Same result."

Giuliani fell for a parody Twitter account

Unfortunately for Giuliani, the "Kayleigh" tweet came from a parody account which went by the handle @PressKayleigh and which has since been suspended. While the original comment has vanished, Giuliani's comment remained up, without its original context, and it even managed to pick up more than 20 thousand likes along the way.

Unfortunately it also triggered a rash of criticism his way, most holding him accountable for his actions in the run up to the Capitol riots on January 6. "Free speech is alive and well as long as it doesn't incite harm or spur an attempt to overthrow a government with violence. That house is my house too!" one user said. Another pointed out that: "Free speech is alive and well, you just can't incite hate and terrorism! Herein lies the problem. This is why. You don't seem to get you did both. You should be disbarred." A third commented: "No, one is gov't action, one is done by the marketplace, capitalism, a political philosophy supported by conservatives. You just don't like the results." 

Given that he doesn't seem to be in the best of moods these days, we're not sure if Giuliani will enjoy the idea of being both fooled and schooled on the same day, at the same time.