Jessica Simpson Has Some Thoughts About Subway's Tuna Reveal

In today's episode of "reality check," if you knew what some of your favorite foods were made out of, you probably would never eat them again or have a lot of questions. A viral TikTok video from 2020 is making rounds again, and it looks like fast-food chain Subway may have some explaining to do. In the video, an anonymous employee is seen preparing Subway's tuna sandwich, as frozen, pre-packaged meat is mixed with mayonnaise, according to In the Know.

The internet was divided, with some users saying they would never eat at Subway again, while others compared the food-making process to buying canned tuna per VT. Now, Hollywood is also weighing in. After TODAY reported that Subway is fighting a lawsuit that claims their tuna is not actually tuna, Jessica Simpson responded on Twitter. Why, you ask, is the singer and fashion designer a stakeholder in this conversation? We're getting to that.

Jessica Simpson's response to the fake tuna claims was clever

When news of the lawsuit against Subway broke, Jessica Simpson jumped on Twitter to comment. She humorously wrote, "It's OK @SUBWAY. It IS confusing." This is a hilarious throwback to her own tuna-gate on her 2003 reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, where she expressed confusion over tuna brand Chicken of the Sea's name (via People). Fans were feeling nostalgic in her mentions, with one person tweeting, "This wins the internet for today".

This isn't the first time she's poked fun at herself for the now iconic moment. In 2016, Simpson tweeted a meme of a chicken lost at sea with the line: "Maybe Jessica was on to something?" at the top. The tuna brand retweeted the photo, and added "Has it really been 13 years? We still think about it, too! We've missed you, @JessicaSimpson!"

Simpson kept the joke running a year later when she posted an Instagram picture of a headline about grocery chain Whole Foods mixing up its chicken salad for tuna, as reported by Well+Good. She captioned the photo "It happens to the best of us @WholeFoods." We love that she isn't afraid to poke fun at herself. It's all in good fun.