Here's Where You Know The Actors In The Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Commercial From

A Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial is making waves not only because it's super hilarious, but because many people are watching the spot and thinking — Wait, I know those guys! Indeed, the two actors who sing a song about soda set to the tune of "Sister Christian" are Justin Guarini and Will Green.

Of course, we all remember Guarini for competing against Kelly Clarkson on the first season of American Idol back in 2002. Since coming in second to the now talk show host, the 41-year-old has appeared in numerous Broadway musicals, as well as, ahem, starring in the not-so-well-received movie From Justin to Kelly (via IMDb). The singer has also played 'Lil Sweet in Dr Pepper commercials for years (via HuffPost).

As for his companion in the Dr Pepper & Cream Soda ad, well, there are numerous TV shows and commercials you may recognize him from.

Who is Will Green from the Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial?

Green is perhaps best known for his role as Jeremy on The Middle (via IMDb). But this is far from his only acting credit. The upstate New York native has appeared on TV series like Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Mentalist, and Shameless, just to name a few. According to Green's resume, the actor has also starred in over two dozen commercials for companies from AT&T, to Apple, to Carl's Jr, to Chevy.

Now, he dons a handlebar mustache and a bowler hat with a matching maroon tuxedo in the Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial. And it seems he can sing, just like Guarini! "Everybody's gonna wanna sip," he croons, while 'Lil Sweet adds, "Two flavors making music on your lips. It's true."

It turns out Green's official role in the commercial is as "The Doctor." He later reveals flowing blond hair, as well as the tagline of the beverage — "A delicious duet." We'd say Guarini and Green make a delicious duet as well!