Why Dan Levy Has Regrets About This Schitt's Creek Catchphrase

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"Ew, David!" is a phrase that Schitt's Creek fans know very well. The words were infamously uttered by David's sister, Alexis (played by Annie Murphy). While Alexis says "ew" a lot on the show, it's "Ew, David!" that has stuck the most with fans and spawned a wide variety of fan merchandise. Among the items being sold on Amazon that bear the phrase are face masks, t-shirts, and mugs.


Dan Levy, who co-created the show and also played the role of David (via CBC) has some regrets about the now-iconic phrase. Fans are quick to shout out the phrase in his presence, which is both a blessing and a curse. "Sometimes it's hard to tell whether they're screaming at me as a person or me as a character," he told Elite Daily. "Do I wish that I had picked [a] word [other] than "ew" to describe me? Uhhhh, maybe? But at the same time, the way that Annie owned that term, I would not trade for anything. So, I take it as a loving compliment."

"Ew, David" is one of the most memorable lines on Schitt's Creek

There's no way Levy could have known how big Schitt's Creek would get, or that the phrase "Ew, David" would come to define the show. Surprisingly, Alexis doesn't actually say "Ew, David," that many times on Schitt's Creek — just three, observed PopSugar. It's not the frequency of the line that has made it so memorable; it's the way that Alexis says it, in a tone that somehow conveys disgust and affection at the same time. Murphy is also shocked at just how big "Ew, David" has gotten.


"I started saying 'David' in a very peculiar way, without really realizing it," the actress told Refinery29 of the catchphrase's origins. "It didn't quite feel right, but you slap an 'ew' in front of that and something just clicks. Something just makes sense. Now, it's everywhere. It's on welcome mats, t-shirts, and Christmas tree ornaments... It's out of control!"