The Truth About Tiffany Trump's Insanely Lavish Life

If the Trump name is synonymous with anything, it's lavishness. Before he was president, Donald Trump amassed Manhattan real estate and, by doing so, cast himself in the spotlight. He was the player, the "self-made" tycoon who exclusively dated models and flirted with the upper echelons of power in one of the country's biggest cities.

Donald Trump's personal life was, and has been, riddled with drama, but his three marriages brought him five children — Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron — and it's clear to just about anyone watching that he has his favorites. Don Jr. and Eric had prominent roles in the Trump Organization when their father took office, and Ivanka joined him in the West Wing, along with her husband, as an advisor. Barron, the youngest Trump, lived in the White House with his father and mother, Melania Trump, and largely kept out of the spotlight.

Which, of course, leaves Tiffany Trump — Donald's only daughter with ex-wife Marla Maples. Doubt has often been cast on Tiffany's relationship with her father, especially given his apparent affection for Ivanka, but that hasn't stopped the youngest Trump daughter from enjoying the spoils and splendors that her father's career has brought her. So strap in for the drama, because here's the truth about Tiffany Trump's insanely lavish life.

Tiffany Trump rung in 2018 at a lavish Playboy party

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas is always filled with parties and gatherings, food, and a lot of champagne (during pre-pandemic times, at least). But one holiday that can get seriously overlooked is New Year's Eve, which lets you bust out your most shimmery dress and highest heels. That was certainly the memo that Tiffany Trump got, because she rang in the 2018 in perhaps the most lavish way possible. 

As noted by Page Six, Trump was spotted at the Culver Hotel in Los Angeles at a swanky New Year's Eve party, but it wasn't just a party. Trump was the "guest of honor" at the Playboy New Year's Eve party, hosted by none other than Hugh Hefner's son, Cooper. Trump was seen in a very low-cut, sparkly silver cocktail dress and was photographed with Candace Jordan, who just so happened to be Playboy's Miss December in 1979. Not a bad way to celebrate the new year!

Tiffany Trump's fiance is heir to a fortune

It's no secret that the Trump daughters have their eyes on the prize. Ivanka Trump married her multi-millionaire husband and Manhattan real-estate tycoon, Jared Kushner, and the couple have made a name for themselves in business and in politics. And Tiffany Trump might have just one-upped her older sister when she got engaged to her fiancé, Michael Boulos. So who is Boulos? Just your average 20-something who is the heir to a "multibillion-dollar Nigerian conglomerate," as noted by The Washington Post.

The two, who were first spotted together in 2018, got engaged as the Trump administration was coming to a close. Tiffany posted the engagement announcement on her Instagram, along with a photo of the couple standing on the White House grounds. "It has been an honor to celebrate many milestones ... here at the White House, none more special than my engagement to my amazing fiancé Michael!" she posted. And the ring details will blow your mind. As noted by the Daily MailTiffany Trump's engagement ring is a 13-carat diamond in an emerald shape that, according to jewelry expert Denis Stepansky, cost as much as $1.2 million. You just know their wedding is going to be so over the top.

In the fallout of a breakup, Tiffany Trump soaked in the London nightlife

Everyone handles breakups and stress differently. Some turn to bubble baths and face masks, while others pick up running again. Some dive into jam making (we're thinking of you, Monica Geller), and others adopt a new hobby. Tiffany Trump turned to the London nightclub scene in the wake of her breakup from long time boyfriend Ross Mechanic in 2018, and while we can't blame her for the choice, it was definitely the most lavish option she could have chosen. 

As noted by People, Trump was spotted at The Arts Club, a super exclusive spot in Mayfair, and she was later seen being escorted by Secret Service to the MNKY HSE bar. A close source to Trump told People that she was very caught up in the "negative attention" that was directed to her father at the time, and her split was only making things worse. 

"She has been having a rough summer," the source said. "The breakup with her longtime boyfriend is still bothering her. All the negative attention on her dad is stressing her out and she's just not been doing well lately." Of course, we too would love to turn to the nightclub scene to just dance away our troubles.

Tiffany Trump joined famous Mykonos partier Lindsay Lohan for a fun time

This was the crossover that we never knew we wanted but absolutely needed. Tiffany Trump runs in the same friend circle as Greece partier and actress Lindsay Lohan, and while we're not entirely shocked, this comes as genuinely amusing news. As noted by E!, Lohan and Trump were spotted partying together in Mykonos in 2018 (we're not sure if Lohan vacations anywhere else), and Lohan even posted about the hangout on social media. The duo was spotted at a fundraising event at Mykonos' Nammos restaurant and were tagged in the same Instagram Story that appeared to show Lohan fixing Trump's ponytail. We'll just give you a second to wrap your head around this. 

As noted by The New York Times, Lohan and Trump have known each other for some time. Lohan has even called her "a really sweet girl. Nice person." 

Mykonos is the place to live life to the fullest, and the Nammos property features so many things in which to indulge. According to its website, the site where Lohan and Trump partied together features a restaurant, a gorgeous cabana, a spa, and yacht services. To top everything off, it features Nammos Village, the area's most indulgent shopping location.  

Nothing screams lavish quite like a yacht in Italy

Leave it to Tiffany Trump to vacation in style while her father's world was going up in smoke. As noted by People, Trump and her mother, Marla Maples, were spotted on a lavish vacation in Italy in 2017, despite the turbulence that was taking The Donald by storm — the Russia probe. As People reported, Tiffany Trump and her mom chartered a yacht near Ponza island, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and enjoyed what looked like a stunning vacation. 

It seems like indulging in the water activities around the island is a big thing to do because Trump and Maples even went out on a jet ski together. Maples posted a photo of them living it up on the water, captioning it, "Me and my girl." 

Before they took to the water, Trump and Maples had been visiting other parts of Italy and had been spotted in the gorgeous Tuscany area and the Italian islands. We're just hoping for their sake that they turned off the news notifications on their phones, because things were not going so well for the Trump administration and the rest of the Trump family.

Tiffany Trump has been housing-hunting in the pricey Miami Beach area

When Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, things didn't go so well. He refused to concede, he led the charge in a number of efforts to overturn the results, and though he finally admitted that Joe Biden would become the next president, he did not go quietly. Donald chose Florida and his Mar-a-Lago estate as his primary residence for his post-presidential life, and the bulk of his family is moving with him, including Tiffany Trump. As noted by People, Tiffany and her fiancé were spotted house-hunting in the lavish Miami Beach area and were "weighing a new purchase." 

"She is actively looking for a house in Miami Beach," a source told People, adding that Tiffany had "been in Miami Beach for five or six days." Homes in the Miami Beach area can be as expensive as $15 million, as seen on Zillow, while some properties on the islands surrounding Miami Beach go for as much as $35 million. We'll see what Tiffany ends up purchasing. 

It certainly looks like Tiffany's lavish lifestyle will follow her to Florida. She and her fiancé were spotted at the SAAM Lounge in Miami for some "relaxation and fun."

Tiffany Trump makes herself known during New York Fashion Week

Attending fashion weeks is truly a marker of a lavish lifestyle. The pinnacle of the season is New York Fashion Week — the hottest ticket in town. Tiffany Trump has been known for her interest in high fashion, the shows, and the glamour that goes along with it, but things got a little sticky for her in February 2017. As noted by People, Trump attended the Phillipp Plein show, but was left abandoned in the audience after a number of magazine editors refused to sit by her due to her father's controversial administration. Talk about drama that would only happen at a runway show. 

People reported at the time that Christina Binkley, a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal, posted a photo of Trump surrounded by a sea of empty seats. An editor from Elle, Nikki Ogunnaike, tweeted that magazine editors were "fleeing" so they didn't have to be seated near her. But it seems like Trump took it in stride. She showed up at Plein's September 2017 show, just seven months after the first debacle, in an edgy dress from the designer himself, according to Yahoo! Life.

You can't keep Tiffany Trump away from fashion shows

Despite any drama from February 2017 fashion shows (via Vanity Fair), Tiffany Trump was not deterred, and she reemerged for September 2017 fashion shows. 

As noted by Yahoo! Life, besides going to the Philipp Plein show, Trump attended the Taoray Wang show in September 2017, despite everything that had gone down just months prior. Wang dressed Trump for her father's inauguration, and as such, her presence in the front row made complete sense. To top it off, Trump wore a dress from Wang's Spring/Summer 2018 collection for the show itself, proving once again her love of all things lavish. 

Despite the drama and the politics that plagued Trump's New York Fashion Week in early 2017, Wang made a point of thanking her for attending the fall show. She took to Instagram and posted a photo of the pair together, captioning it, "Thank you for coming to our show, Tiffany. You look stunning in our 2018SS collection." Drama can't stop Trump from living her extravagant life.  

Tiffany Trump isn't afraid to indulge in her family's professional perks

There certainly seems to be a disconnect between Tiffany Trump and her father, Donald Trump. He has often had to defend his relationship with his youngest daughter and has made it really obvious that Ivanka Trump is his favorite. But despite the interpersonal relationships, Tiffany still indulges in the perks of the family businesses and has made a point of posting her lavish lifestyle on social media. 

As noted by W magazine, Tiffany spent her time in her post-law school life "wandering the grassy fields of Trump Winery," and yes, the photo Tiffany posted documenting just that is as dramatic as it sounds. She's shared photos at the Trump International Hotel located in Washington, D.C. and consistently posted photos of herself and her family on White House grounds. 

To add another element of extravagance to her lifestyle, Tiffany also indulged in some of the presidential perks her father was granted. As noted by W magazine, she joined her father, sister Ivanka, and Jared Kushner on a trip to the presidential getaway property, Camp David.

Tiffany Trump, along with her siblings, attended this state dinner at Buckingham Palace

Perhaps nothing screams decadence more than a banquet with the British royal family. As noted by People, Donald Trump traveled to the United Kingdom on official business, and he just happened to bring his kids along with him. It was not the first time that his children had joined him on trips — Ivanka Trump has traveled internationally on many occasions during her father's four years in office — but it was the first time that Don Jr., Eric, and Tiffany Trump had traveled abroad with him. 

The White House did not confirm beforehand that all the Trump children (minus Barron) would go on such a trip, but nevertheless, the four showed up at a lavish dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Kate, and other royal family members. Talk about living life in the glamorous lane. People reported that the adult Trump children were spread out around the banquet hall, all seated next to different members of the royal family and their inner circle. Tiffany was placed next to Queen Elizabeth's private secretary. We're not sure if that's particularly fancy or not, but, given that Tiffany wore a Suzie Turner dress featuring feathers and Swarovski crystals (via Footwear News), it all sounds extravagant.

Tiffany Trump went on this lavish vacation on taxpayers' dollars

The president of the United States and his family are entitled to protection and services — there's no doubt about that. But while Donald Trump was in office, Tiffany Trump may have used the opportunity to sustain her lavish lifestyle, and it came at a price to taxpayers. As noted by Insider, Tiffany vacationed in Serbia during her spring break hiatus from Georgetown Law School in 2019. That doesn't sound insane, right? Well, prepare yourselves, because the trip cost taxpayers at least $23,000. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Quartz purchased a copy of State Department records that showed that $23,000 was requested to provide Tiffany accommodations in Belgrade, Serbia from March 7 to March 16. The request was entitled "Acquisition of hotel accommodations in support of Tiffany Trump travel," and showed that the money was requested to pay for the Square Nine Hotel (where rooms can cost upwards of $1,600 a night) and to sustain Tiffany's Secret Service detail. The purchase records also showed that Tiffany was referred to as a "VIP" and as a "Senior High Level US Government Principal." Did someone say over the top? 

Tiffany Trump enjoyed Secret Service protection while shopping in Palm Beach

Current and former presidents of the United States are granted Secret Service protection for life, and while they are in office, they can extend the protections they are granted to their families. And despite the coronavirus pandemic, the massive stay-at-home orders, and the threat of contracting the disease, Tiffany Trump used her Secret Service detail while on a shopping spree in Palm Beach, Fla in the last weeks of her father's administration. 

As noted by Local10, Palm Beach's local news outlet, Trump was spotted on Worth Avenue, which boasts stores like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, with her Secret Service detail, and it did not sit well with locals. As noted by Local10, Trump's father had come under scrutiny for endangering Secret Service agents as he traveled across the country to rally his base, resulting in more than 100 agents having to isolate and quarantine themselves due to possible COVID-19 exposure. So for Trump to be floating through the Palm Beach stores with her four agents behind her? Not the best look, though certainly extravagant.

Nothing says lavish like the Hamptons, something that Tiffany Trump clearly knows

When we think of the Hamptons, we think about Gossip Girl and the insane parties and expensive stores with which Blaire and Serena occupied their summers. Of course, that was a fictional series and not at all real life, but it looks like the Hamptons really do live up to the name and reputation, at least in Tiffany Trump's life. As noted by People, Tiffany has been spotted in the Hamptons, indulging in the lavish scene, and was once seen with none other than Naomi Biden, Joe Biden's granddaughter. Yes, you read that correctly. The two were seen together in 2018, and Tiffany even posted a photo of them together in an Instagram Story. 

So what else does Tiffany get up to while in the Hamptons? A lot. As noted by the Daily Mailshe was spotted at a Trump fundraising event in the Hamptons in August 2020 called "Trumpilla" that reportedly brought in a lot of money for her father. The previous year, she was "fashionably late" to a charity gala held in the area, as reported by Page Six, and in 2018, she celebrated the Fourth of July in the Hamptons not far from where none other than Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were staying (via Page Six). 

Tiffany Trump decorated her New York apartment with a crystal portrait

This detail about Tiffany Trump's lavish life might just take the cake. As noted by the Washingtonian in 2019, Trump revealed a portrait of herself on her social media that was placed above her couch in her New York City apartment. Ok, a portrait is a little bit indulgent, but what's the big deal? Well, it was made by Mauricio Benitez, an artist from Columbia who refers to himself as Mr. Bling — so yes, prepare yourself for these details. The portrait of Trump was made out of crystals. 

As reported by the Washingtonian, Mr. Bling was commissioned by Trump herself to make the piece. It was made of 150,000 Swarovski crystals and took over a month to make, as the crystals were hand-placed, one at a time, on the canvas. The portrait features Trump in a black leather jacket with her hair flowing to the side — it's all as lavish as you'd expect. 

"Thank you @mrblingcolombia for including me in one of your incredible pieces of art!" Trump wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of herself with the artist and, of course, the portrait. We just don't have the words for this no-doubt pricey purchase.