Jill Biden's Heartwarming Surprise For Michelle Obama

The bromance between former President Barack Obama and his former Vice President-turned-President Joe Biden might have kept the Internet busy between 2008 to 2016, but the relationship between Michelle Obama and Jill Biden wasn't too shabby, either. During an interview with People back in 2016, then-Second Lady Jill Biden called their connection an "instant bond ... Even if we don't see one another for maybe a month because we're both in different places, we get together, and it's like that friend that you see a couple years later. And it's like you never — you know." (via YouTube).


Now that Dr. Biden is living at White House as first lady, she decided to put together a special gift for her bestie Michelle Obama, which put to rest any lingering questions Michelle might have had over her 2009 White House healthy eating project. On Tuesday, Michelle Obama went on Instagram to share a photo of a lush green basket full of leafy greens, and along with the photo, Obama posted: "So thankful for this beautiful care package from our amazing @FLOTUS! These fresh veggies from the White House Kitchen Garden were such a wonderful — and delicious — surprise. Love you, Jill."

Social media shared Michelle Obama's joy over the gift

The relief that Michelle Obama's vegetable garden had remained after four years of the Trump White House was palpable across social media, as more than half a million followers liked the photo and left messages of support over the friendship shared by the once and current first ladies. "I'm so happy your garden survived the last 4 years! Whew!" said Instagram commenter. "Omg this is so normal! No drama. Just kindness. I'm so relieved and thankful for both Michelle and Jill!" said another. "I am so glad to see that the White House Kitchen Garden is still there!!!!!! I figured it was long gone!!!!" noted a third user.


The Hill says the White House kitchen garden was the location of Melania Trump's first event as first lady in 2017, where she hosted members of the local Boys & Girls Club, and where she was photographed harvesting a variety of fresh vegetables including red peppers, okra, and green peppers. Back then, a White House adviser had said Trump was committed to keeping the garden intact. We're glad she did.