Kimberly Guilfoyle Has Something To Say About The Biden Family

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News commentator-turned-campaign advisor, hasn't faded quietly back into private life since her boyfriend's father made a tumultuous exit from the Oval Office. She's still tweeting away, dropping such bon mots as "The media is going to attempt to rewrite history and ignore the progress made by President Trump, we can't let them," and the even more loyalist, "America elected Pres Trump to take on the toughest battles & hardest decisions. He always fought for what's right not what's popular. To my friend & the greatest President our nation may ever know, thank you for ur sacrifice and all you accomplished."

While Guilfoyle hasn't taken any straight shots at President Joe Biden, she has made her feelings clear via her mastery of the passive-aggressive retweet with occasional criticism. One recent tweet, just a single syllable, found her responding to a comment another Twitter user made on an article from The Hill entitled "Biden pledges no family members will work at the White House," a practice his predecessor didn't follow. The commentator responded "they'll be outside charging admission," to which Guilfoyle chimed in "Truth," appending two thumbs-down emojis. While it wasn't clear exactly what improprieties on the Bidens' part she was alleging, it's clear Guilfoyle doesn't think much of their clan.

Guilfoyle's comment wasn't well received

While certain members of the Trump family still have their staunch supporters, it seems that the support does not necessarily extend to hangers-on. Guilfoyle's tweet seems to have been met with nothing but roasting, with one Twitter user asking "Who are you again?" Others simply wished that the end of Trump's administration would mean the end of Guilfoyle's commentary, with one tweeting, "Kimberly, go away. And don't you come back no more."

Using the phrase "charging admission" may have been particularly ill-advised on Guilfoyle's part, as well, even if she was only repeating someone else's words. It left her open to critics of the expenses wracked up by the Trump family's frequent travel. One tweeted, "You've been partying at Mar-A-Lago on the taxpayer dime for the last 4 years." Harsh words, to be sure, especially since Guilfoyle has a sizable fortune of her own, but Guilfoyle and Donald Trump, Jr. still appear to be living the good life even if their White House days are over.

Guilfoyle also brought up accusations about China

Another recent tweet of Guilfoyle's found her having a bit more to say — a whole 11 words, in fact. She posted a link to a CBS report about how the Chinese government may be collecting U.S. health data, some of it perhaps more personal than we'd like, in addition for helping with COVID testing. While her caption "The welcome mat is out and China is setting up shop" doesn't directly name any of the Bidens, it seems to be referring to the ongoing accusations the Trump administration leveled at both Joe Biden and his son Hunter that they were somehow in collusion with or at least profiting by their association with China. CNN fact-checked such claims in 2019 and found no evidence that Biden had ever received funds from China and that it didn't appear that Hunter's former business dealings had been influenced by his father's political position.

Guilfoyle's take on the China issue didn't go over too well with her Twitter followers, one of whom, in fact, said, "Thanks for reminding me to unfollow. Have a great day!" Others brought up the fact that both Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka were granted trademarks by the Chinese government while Trump was in office, something AP News indicated led to concerns about there being a conflict of interest. Most Twitter users, however, just greeted Guilfoyle's share with verbal eye-rolls such as "shut up," "Like you know anything," and "You still cray...Yep!"

Guilfoyle's boyfriend's not getting much love, either

While you might think Trump's Twitter followers would rally round his namesake now that the former POTUS is no longer Tweeter-in-Chief, it appears Guilfoyle's guy isn't getting much support for his tweets, either. When he posted a link to an article about SpaceX being investigated for allegedly preferring to hire U.S. citizens, he captioned it "In Biden's America Last administration this shouldn't be a surprise," but what may have come as a surprise was how his opinion was received. Comments included "As long as it's no longer 'Trump First,' I'm good" and the pull-no-punches "Shut up, criminal!!"

For the most part, though, Trump's sentence in the court of public opinion seems to be lighter than Guilfoyle's. While people blame him for being his father's son, the attacks on Guilfoyle are on more of a personal level. We don't wish to repeat any of the more inflammatory comments here, but some of the accusations leveled against her got pretty ugly. Still, no matter what we may think of such prominent, divisive figures as Guilfoyle and Trump Jr., some things just don't need to be said. As our new POTUS put it in his inauguration speech (via Politico): "We can treat each other with dignity and respect. We can join forces, stop the shouting, and lower the temperature." It won't be easy, but we can all do our part to reign in our nastiness and end this 'uncivil war.'"