The Truth About Amy Slaton's Pregnancy - Exclusive

TLC's reality series 1000-Lb. Sisters has taken many twists and turns, but nothing quite compared to the surprise Amy Slaton revealed during the premiere of the series' second season. After a scary trip to the emergency room, she was given some big news by the doctor. She was even surprised herself to find out she was going to be a mother.

While she and her husband Michael Halterman were over the moon, doctors had warned her not to conceive so soon after her weight loss surgery. After urging her to wait at least two years to try for a baby, Amy found out about her pregnancy only four short months after her procedure. Her situation put her pregnancy in the high-risk category, and she has been in the middle of some pretty scary situations over the course of her three trimesters.

We had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Amy as she looks back on her pregnancy.

Amy Slaton's pregnancy wasn't the easiest experience

The effortless pregnancy glow is something every expecting mother dreams of obtaining, but Amy Slaton's experience was anything but easy.

For someone who's known for her weight loss journey, trying to lose weight while gaining baby weight was difficult, she admits. Her pregnancy prohibited her from dropping as many pounds as quickly as before. "I would gain five or so pounds, then lose ten or so," she explained to us, and her "crazy cravings," as she calls them, probably weren't all that helpful either. Taking care of two made it even harder to eat whatever Amy wanted. It was now no longer all about her, but about another person's developing body as well.

On top of that, growing a baby certainly wasn't easy for Amy's body. After initially learning her big news from a visit to the emergency room, she has spent even more time there these past few months. "Being high risk, there was a lot of trips to the ER," she admitted to us, and so far this season, we've even seen one of these terrifying visits on-screen.

Now we're all wondering: Will we be able to sneak a peek of her precious baby boy anytime soon? Unfortunately, Amy is keeping tight-lipped about divulging any other details. "Can't say," she teased. "They just have to watch us on TLC and on YouTube." 

1000-Lb. Sisters airs every Monday night on TLC at 10 p.m. ET/PT.