Kayleigh McEnany Takes A Strong Stance Against Biden On Schools Reopening

Kayleigh McEnany, the former Trump administration White House press secretary, has taken to Twitter to speak out against President Joe Biden. Amongst the many challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has presented the world with, perhaps one of the largest is the conundrum surrounding education and the prospect of how to continue teaching. According to CNN, 48 states in 2020 mandated that schools remain closed during the pandemic, and experts believe that 2021 will continue to see such mandates — and that they might even be enforced more heavily. This particular subject seems like an unwinnable battle, with some being more concerned that their children won't receive a proper education if institutes close, while others refuse to allow their children into these schools while COVID-19 is as deadly as it is.

President Biden has made it very clear that he wants students back into their schools, but didn't agree with the Trump administration's decision to push to fully reopening schools across the country (via Time). As a result, Biden has announced a "five-step roadmap" in which he plans to get children back into school safely and swiftly.

McEnany shared an article that suggests we should no longer keep children home

"Everyone wants our schools to reopen," Biden said. "The question is how to make it safe, how to make it stick. Forcing education students back into a classroom and areas where the infection rate is going up or remaining very high is just plain dangerous" (via NBC News). But not everyone agrees with this statement.

McEnany shared a Wall Street Journal article entitled, "The Tragedy of Schools," an opinion piece written by Daniel Henninger on February 3 that explained why he believed schools need to be reopened. "At the start of the pandemic, the closures were understandable," he wrote. "They no longer are, with even the oh-so-careful Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying there is scant evidence of significant virus transmission among grade-school-age children."

McEnany shared the piece with a corresponding tweet that read, "There is no excuse for continued school closures! The science has shown since last summer that schools can safely reopen. Biden should do what is best for America's children by making an unambiguous call to REOPEN!"

The comments section had varying levels of support in response, with the top comment sarcastically pointing, "Ya think we should maybe vaccinate teachers first?"