Why It Was So Difficult For The 1,000-Lb Sisters To Be On Television - Exclusive

YouTube is where Amy and Tammy Slaton first got their start way back in 2014. From makeup tutorials, to baking segments, to simply talking about their day, their large following is what eventually caught the attention of TLC. From there, the reality series we all know as 1,000-lb Sisters was born.

Surprisingly, being on television wasn't necessarily the sisters' end goal. Making online videos "was a way to be creative and to meet new people," Amy exclusively told The List. Tammy said she wanted to "make new friends and make a name for myself." And ever since, they both certainly have. They're now two of TLC's biggest stars.

Since they were both used to working a camera for YouTube, many may think that being on TV would have been a breeze. However, starring in a reality television show was something new they both had to get used to. "It [was] scary to put your life out there for the world to see," Amy told us, and that's not the only thing that made being on TV so difficult.

Amy and Tammy Slaton weren't sure where to look when they started shooting their show

Many of us would probably agree that having cameras follow us around 24/7 would be really uncomfortable. "It was hard to get used to the camera around," Amy admitted. And there was a big difference between being on camera for television and starring in a video for social media. "YouTube you look at the camera, and on TV, you can't look at the camera," she explained. It's a simple separation between the two televised worlds, but one that made it difficult for them both to adjust to being on TLC.

Luckily, it wasn't a lonely venture. The two were able to tackle reality television together, just like they have head on for their weight-loss journeys. "We're very close," Tammy told us. "We've been close ever since we were little," which made it even easier to adjust. Once they got to the point where they were used to having camera people in their homes, "it felt like any other day," she said — except that the entire world was watching, too.

Obviously, viewers were enjoying it. When Amy heard that 1,000-lb Sisters was being renewed for a second season, she was excited to share her ongoing story with the world. "Here we go again," she told us. "Let the crazy [begin]."

You can catch 1,000-lb Sisters every Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.