Why The Bidens' Dogs, Champ And Major, Are Making A Super Bowl Sunday Appearance

If you love dogs and you're not a fan of Super Bowl Sunday — and we won't call you out if you're not — you'll probably be sitting around the TV this weekend anyway, not to watch football, but to catch Team Ruff and Team Fluff duke it out in Puppy Bowl XVII. The Discovery+/Animal Planet show that features some of the cutest dogs in America. 

On top of correspondents Sheena Inu, Rodt Weiler, James Hound, Herman Shepherd, and Brittany Spaniel, Puppy Bowl fans can also expect to see a special public service announcement featuring the White House's latest canine celebrities, Champ and Major Biden (via USA Today). Both German shepherds are appearing in the ad with their hooman mom, First Lady Jill Biden, who will talk about the importance of wearing masks — even when dog lovers are out walking their pooches (via CNN). The ad may be set to debut on television during the Puppy Bowl, it's already available to view online via through CNN.

The new mask ad has already made its Internet debut

The ad is already getting the two paws up from social media, and not just from pet fans who are relieved to see dogs return to the White House after a "four-ear" absence. "I realize this isn't the point of this but, may I just say how nice it is to see a beautiful, educated, and even more important, kind and animal loving 1st Lady at home dressed in something I would be wearing at home. There's something so comforting about that. Pawsome!" noted one Twitter user. 

Both dogs moved into the White House on January 24 — after the Bidens settled into the Executive Residence, because as the first lady's press secretary Michael LaRosa said at the time, "The First Family wanted to get settled before bringing the dogs down to Washington from Delaware." As a result, the pups were able to spend less time adjusting to their new home (via People).

There seems to be very little the pups can't do, from having their own "Indoguration" to enjoying a snow day at the White House (via People).