The Surprising Event Being Held For Joe Biden's Dog

The upcoming presidential inauguration will be historical for many reasons. When Joe Biden is officially sworn in, it will make Kamala Harris the first woman of color to ever become vice president of the United States, per New York Times. But you may not know that Biden's presidency will be making history in another way. His german shepherd, Major, will be the first-ever shelter dog to live in the White House, according to CBS. This is big news for our four-legged friends everywhere.

"Major showcases the power of possibility for rescue animals everywhere: how a shelter dog, fighting for his life, can end up as the nation's First Dog Elect," Cory Topel, marketing manager at Delaware Humane Association, told the outlet. "Our sincere hope is that with a shelter pup like Major headed to the White House, more people will consider pet adoption and support animal shelters."

To help celebrate this monumental occasion, the Delaware Humane Association will be hosting an "Indoguration" on Jan. 17. The virtual party will have "furfabulous festivities" for your pooch and will be hosted by Today host, Jill Martin. To claim a spot for your furry friend, the cost of admission is just $10 and will be donated to help other rescue-dogs that are in need.

What you need to know about Joe Biden's shelter dog Major

Major was one of six puppies that were originally brought to the shelter after coming into contact with something toxic, according to the Delaware Humane Society's Facebook. Unfortunately, their original owners were unable to afford veterinary care and had to give them away. The organization explained they provided lifesaving care for the pups and then shared on social media they were looking for fosters.

"Once we posted about them for your help, Joe Biden caught wind of them and reached out immediately," the shelter wrote. "The rest is history!"

Major joins his furry siblings Champ, and a cat that has yet to be named publicly (via Washingtonian). This is big news, considering the last time a feline resided in the White House was during the George W. Bush administration, per Newsweek. Who knows, maybe Biden will not only help to unite America, but also help bring together dog and cat people.