Gen Z Is Coming For Millennials Over These Fashion Choices

Calling all Millennials: Gen Z apparently has taken issue with the 1981-1996 generation's fashion choices, and they're not shy about making their views loud and clear. While Millennials may still see skinny jeans and side parts as harmless (or even trendy), according to Gen Z, they are outdated and reason enough for major roasting (via VICE). We're not sure about their overly dramatic critiques, but we may or may not be considering switching to a middle part now.


According to VICE, Gen Z have been taking to platforms like TikTok and Twitter to share snide comments on Millennial style. While we thought Gen Z only had problems with Millennials' love of Harry Potter, saying the word "doggo," complaining about "adulting," and an exaggerated love of all things coffee (via The Guardian), fashion might be the biggest issue of them all.

No Millennial fashion choice is safe from Gen Z's roasting

Side parts are number one on Gen Z's list of bad Millennial fashion choices, believing that "parting your hair any way other than straight down the middle means you're old" (via VICE). Ouch. TikTok user @missladygleep even asserted in a video that no one looks better with a side part than a middle part. In response, Millennials have banded together on social media, with one Twitter user mentioning Gen Z's Tide Pod eating as reason enough not to listen to the younger generation when it comes to anything. And to that, we just have to say LOL.


Apart from hairstyles, Gen Z has also taken issue with none other than the Millennial mainstay of skinny jeans. According to the Zoomers, acceptable jean choices include low rises and oversized shapes (via Insider). Other things Gen Zers think Millennials should trash? Crying laughing emojis, writing in cursive, and cold brew. We can hardly keep up with all the things that identify Millennials as part of the "older generation," all we know is that no one is taking away our Harry Potter obsession... or our perfect morning coffee.